Baby Friendly Easter Basket Goodies

I know babies are not old enough to get into the true holiday spirit, however, it doesn't mean that parents can't. It has been a loooong time since I woke up to the excitement of an Easter basket, I miss those days.  I remember I used to ask my mom to put one together for me up until I graduated from college,  needless to say my request was ignored. That just lets you know the level of excitement I have when holidays roll around. Even if McKenzie has no idea what an Easter basket is, this year I am going to join the fun of assembling one for her. I say to all of the new first time parents out there,"Just Go For It!" -no one has to know! Now that we have our handmade Easter basket put together and ready to go, it's filler time! I had to really think about this one since I'm unable to just stuff her basket with a chocolate bunny, an array of candy and a few toys. I really want her to enjoy what's inside, so here are a few items that I (I mean the Easter Bunny) came up with.

Melissa & Doug Brenna Plush Bunny$14.99: Babies R Us

Pat The Bunny Board Book $9.99: Babies R Us
See a Pat The Bunny Themed Baby Shower Here

Nuby Softees Hard and Soft Teether Set $10.99: Target

Plastic Easter Eggs 2/$3.00: Michaels
Leave empty or turn in to a rattle by adding dried rice or macaroni (tape over entire seam)

Precious Firsts Newborn Bunny Blanket $7.99: Target

Skip Hop Hug & Hide Puppet Pal $9.99: Babies R Us

Where are Baby's Easter Eggs" book $7.99: Babies R Us

Bubbles-Miracle Bubbles $2.89: Target
This is more of a grown-up & baby activity

Infantino Peek Rattle Teether $9.99: Target


Adorably Simplistic Easter Photo Session - Jackie Willome Photography

I just love how nowadays our children are photographed in such a fun and unique way. I remember as a child my Easter photography experience consisted of a walk through the mall, a loooong wait in line to sit on the big smiling Easter bunny's lap, then receiving a page of wallets to hand out to grandma and grandpa. Although this tradition is still going strong, more and more families are also taking it to the pros! There are so many adorable Easter sessions that I've seen lately, however, this one stood out to me because of its simplicity and of course the ADORABLE little angel who just melts your heart. Amazing and talented Texas based photographer Jackie Willome uses minimal props, an all white backdrop and a cutie pie in a neutral dress to impress . Jackie Willome's concept is so simple, yet produces such fanciful and whimsical photos! The only problem is, I wish I could keep scrolling down to view more! A sweet little face, a live bunny and a golden egg, get ready to fawn!


Photography By: Jackie Willome


A Bunny Of A Good Time: Kate's 1st Birthday

In keeping with our Easter/Bunny theme here at Fawn Over Baby, you will be smitten over this Adorable bunny themed 1st birthday party! Photographer Carrie Vines captured the day so beautifully you feel as though you are actually there.  Carrie's photos of the design and details will have you swooning and scrolling down to see more! From real live bunnies to a rabbit revealing magician, the entertainment had guest of all ages fascinated!  Step into this enchanting celebration and get ready to fawn!

Kate's Bunny Themed 1st Birthday

Birthday girl enjoying her special guests

Guests left with a goodie bag adorned with a Whole Wheat Crepe Recipe Tag

**Special Thank You to Carrie Vines for allowing me access to her photos to share today!


"Pat The Bunny" Baby Shower

Continuing with our Easter theme segment here at Fawn Over Baby, I found this ADORABLE vintage bunny themed baby shower! Photographer and blogger, Whitney Smith, designed this shower around the classic "Pat The Bunny:touch and feel" book.  I love anything vintage and ideas that creative minds come up with to bring it back to life. This charming baby shower does just that, from the adorable bunny invitations to the water bottles labeled with a bunny silhouette sprouting a cotton ball bunny tail to match! If you are fawning over this baby shower as much as I am and would like to see more photos, visit The Smith Family blog!

Each guest left with a petite vase filled with a perfume spritzed crepe paper flower - so sweet

Notice the adorable little cotton ball tail

The mirror corner displayed baby photos of the parents-to-be
Each touch-and-feel page of Pat-The-Bunny was incorporated throughout the shower

Source: The Smith Family 


Wear Again Easter Sunday Adornments

Easter Sunday is one of the few times a year that we get to dress up our baby to the nines. I mean, we pull out all the stops from little girl satin gloves and wide brimmed hats to little boy patent leather oxfords and suspenders. I'm from the south so we tend to go even more over the top.  While it is so much fun to frill up our baby for the holidays, thereafter, their adorable little outfits tend to stay in the closet until they are handed down or donated. Today, I'm going to take a little different approach and share these Etsy outfits that our baby girls and boys could actually wear again! They don't scream, "Look at me, I'm an Easter Outfit", yet they fit the occasion perfectly.

For your little lady:

Charming Shabby Chic Vanilla Cream Lace Onesie dress with a detachable flower pin
Sweet Chics Couture - $42.00

Fanciful Organic/Linen Cotton Butterfly Dress
The Babe Muse $35.00

Lovely Organic/Linen Cotton Coral Flower Dress
The Babe Muse $40.00

For the indulger: Tender Knitted Dress with Bonnet and Shoes
Tender Blue $110.00

Hand-Knitted Brimmed Easter Bonnet

Sweet silk, soft soled handmade shoes
 Bitsy Blossom $32.00

For your dapper little man: (Just add Pants)

Beige Chevron Easter Vest Onsie with Yellow bow tie

Corduroy Vest with Bow Tie Of Your Choice

Build Your Own Onesie Set

Tiny Gray Striped Baby Boy Shoes
Jolie Berry $24.95

Gray Houndstooth Newsboy Hat

Source: Etsy