Baby Willow's Eclectic Chic Nursery Design By Kate & Kuby

Happy Friday Friends! Oh do I have a dandy of a nursery to help start your weekend off on an eclectic chic foot! First off I have to share with you the most exciting side note about this nursery. Aside from it being a stunning melting pot of design styles,  this universal baby oasis cost fellow mommy blogger and photographer Kate from Kate and Kuby a little over $100 to put together for her baby girl, Willow!  Genius is what comes to mind when I see an "out-of-the-norm" decor style that was literally thrown together with different unique pieces that hold a sentimental value or happened to catch the eye at a particular moment. Though each piece represents a totally different era and/or style, they are in keeping with the design's over all unity. Somehow Kate was able to pull it all together and have it all actually make sense. She pulled several different styles and meshed them together creating a warm and inviting space without the feeling of being overwhelmed. From the DIY "W" accessory holder made out of chicken wire to the insanely gorgeous wall tapestry that was hand-woven by Kate, every detail makes this pace so special and timeless.  Get ready to be blown away as you browse through a nursery design that, in my opinion, is a true work-of-art!

For all item details and their sources, visit Baby Willow's Nursery Reveal at Kate and Kuby!

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  1. I love the chalkboard background! It's hard to believe my baby is all grown up :-) Love the pictures in this post.