McKenzie's Small-Scale "Hello Kitty" Themed 3rd Birthday Party

Hello Friends! I'm excited to share a little last minute celebration that my husband and I put together to celebrate our first baby, McKenzie turning the big 3! Since welcoming her baby brother into the world a month ago, our household has been turned upside down. A lot has been going besides the new newborn routine that takes some getting used to. I will catch you up on those details a little bit later, but for now it's all about our precious little threenager.   I have to say I'm so proud of McKenzie and how wonderfully she has transitioned into her big sister role. I know having to share the attention with her little brother hasn't been the easiest, however she is handling it like a champ. I do have to give credit where credit it due though. We had multiple grand-parent visits back to back in which the overwhelming love and spoiling that was poured out on her definitely helped make up for the lack of one-on-one time she used to have with myself and my husband. We are so thankful for them stepping in at the perfect time.

Now onto Mckenzie's Big Celebration. Lately, she has been on a big Hello Kitty kick. Every time she sees anything Hello Kitty, her excitement level goes up a notch and if we do not make it out of the store with whatever Hello Kitty item she was fixated on, a mini melt down is sure to follow. So of course, a Hello Kitty theme birthday party was in order. With all of the postparttum complications I've been having lately, throwing a big celebration like last year was unfortunately not going to happen this year. I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I were to just skip it all together so I decided to just make it a small intimate family gathering with just me, my husband and her baby brother. 

I didn't have the time (or the greatest of health for that matter) to go out and purchase a bunch of decorations -  going simple was our only option. With Hello Kitty being the talk of Mckenzie-town, we obviously had to incorporate the sweet little bow-wearing kitty in her party decor. Luckily I had a package of balloons in my craft closet left over from last year so I picked through to find the pink and white colors as I thought they would make for the perfect backdrop.  I had my husband pick up some H.K party supplies and a small bouquet of flowers from Wal-mart along with a half dozen cupcakes from "Small Cakes."We had a few gifts that my parents left behind, so I wrapped and displayed those on a card table that I dressed up with craft paper and extra balloons. 

It was the perfect amount of decor that had McKenzie bright eyed and excited about her special day but didn't break the bank or add any stress on my end. By the end of the night, we had a gitty little three year old who couldn't stop talking about her  Hello Kitty birf-day party and that's all the reassurance we needed, to know that she felt loved and celebrated.  Without further ado, here is McKenzie's family-only 3rd Birthday Party Celebration - Hello Kitty Style!

Pink Flowers with Baby's Breather - Publix 
Wooden Crates - Walmart
Craft Paper on Gift Table - Hobby Lobby
"Hello Kitty" Party Supplies & Headband - Walmart; here, here, here, here & here
"Helly Kitty" Balloons - Publix
Pink & White Balloons - Michaels
Arrow Wrapping Paper  - Michaels "Hello Kitty" Gift Wrap Accent- Googled, Printed Out & Taped to Gift.
McKenzie's Polka-dot Dress - Old Navy
"Hello Kitty"Lunch Box - BX Exchange


Freshly Picked Moccasins Product Review + GIVEAWAY!

Hi Friends! Today is an exciting day! Not only do I get share one of our favorite baby/child wardrobe accessories, we are also giving every Fawn Over Baby reader whom resides in the U.S. a chance to win a pair for their little one as well!  If you haven't heard of Freshly Picked by now you came to the right place! I am a huge fan of the brand and their adorable baby/child friendly fashion pieces. I began purchasing their baby moccasins after our first baby McKenzie turned one and it has now turned into a tradition to purchase a pair every year on her birthday. Now that we have a baby boy to dress up, of course he had to have his very own pair as well. Luckily Freshly Picked began making tiny versions of their moccs so now even the tiniest of babes can adorn their very own pair after being welcomed into the world. Today our baby boy Haines is wearing their Weathered Brown Crib Moccs and I have to say they fit our little man wonderfully with a little room to spare without being oversized and falling off.  I can't say enough about the Freshly Picked brand and their adorable Moccs, so I'll share as much info as I can as we scroll through our fun baby pics.

Freshly Picked began in 2009 after mom, crafter and founder of FP, Susan Peterson needed a more suitable "well-designed" shoe for her babe. After several attempts and lots of persistence, Susan designed and created not only an adorable shoe that fit her babe's chubby little feet, they fit wonderfully and stayed on! Since then, her Freshly Picked brand has grown from just offering an awesome shoe solution for growing babies and children to an apparel line and accessories that will have your little one looking oh-so stylish at every age!

Freshly Picked Moccs are soft-soled shoes made with durable leather that feature elastic around the opening making for a convenient slip on and slip-off feature. The crib moccs are sized to fit newborn to 3-5 months, however not to worry if they seem a bit oversized for your new little bundle of joy, as the elastic helps to keep them one and in place. Our son is on the smaller side, so these fit a little bit bigger and we have had no issues with them sliding off. These actually work better at protecting his feet and staying on than the newborn socks we have. If you would like a size reference, be sure to check the Freshly Picked size guide to give you an idea of what size would be the best fit for your baby.
I have to point out the comfort level of these moccs. Haines usually cries and carries-on with all other shoes and/or socks for that matter that we dare to put on him. Whenever we slip these on, it's as if he doesn't even know he is wearing anything. It's nice to know that we are not stuck putting him in footie pajamas or footie coveralls every time we want to cover his feet.  These have been a wonderful and adorable alternative when we I want to style him up a bit.
Now to the fun part! I am so excited that Freshly Picked is partnering up with me to offer one Fawn Over Baby reader (U.S. Resident Only) a free pair of moccasins. Just be sure to enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form below and don't forget to leave a comment with your favorite Freshly Picked fashion piece! Good Luck and Happy FP Browsing!!!

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*Non-disclosure: Weathered Brown Moccasins ℅ Freshly Picked in order to review.