Healthy Life: My Journey back to health, My Journey back to me

This blog is a wonderful place for me to share my creative side and my love for all things baby and child inspired! With so much love that I have for my kiddos, my husband & The One who created all of these little loves of my life - there was one thing missing.... Love for myself. Belief in myself. Finding Joy within myself.  As a mom, a wife and everything else in between - I found myself lost in pouring into and filling others cup that I forgot about my own. This past year, I found out what it means to love myself again and in return those little loves of mine receive more love than ever before. After having our second baby Haines, I went through quite a bit of postpartum complications and hardships forcing me to go under the knife a second time within a 6 week period. Needless to say I felt like I had hit rock bottom. The weight the I seemed to lose fairly quickly after McKenzie was born didn't seem to shed that easy after our second child was born. The weight, the mommy fog, the disappointment, the frustration I found myself with was not working. It wasn't working for my kids, it wasn't working for my marriage, it wasn't working for my friends. Something had to change!

So a few months later, I began my old regimens to try and work off the weight. I returned to my old Whole 30 recipes and my Shaun T workouts and got busy. Accept this time around I had two kiddos to chase after and not enough energy to do both! So I chose my kids after just two weeks of working out and eating clean. I lost maybe a few lbs that came right back as quickly as I lost them. To say I felt defeated is an understatement. I actually told myself out loud that "This is the new me, I'm a mom now, I need to get over myself". The inner voice kept reminding me of that for the rest of that year. A year after having my son, I weighed just as much as I did when I walked into the hospital to give birth to him at 9 months pregnant. It was my sad reality.

After many nightly prayers and moments with GOD begging Him to help me  out of the MAJOR funk I was in - one morning my prayers were answered. After our morning routine of breakfast and Pre-K drop off I browsed my facebook and was shocked at an incredible post our babysitter posted of her own weight loss journey. I was floored by her results but told myself - that probably only works for young people who haven't carried two babies yet. So ignorant was I. After following along on her journey, I finally couldn't take it anymore and I messaged her asking what she was doing. She sent me a video explaining all about her new healthy lifestyle and the amazing nutrition rebalancing system that was helping her get back on track. After lots of back and forth and twisting my husband's arm - I went for it. I purchased my first 30-day nutrition system expecting the worst but was surprised after just a week feeling the best I had ever felt in a looooong time (I would honestly argue....ever in my life).

With so many failed attempts at past New Years Resolutions. I'm proud to say that I found something that has brought me back to life and something that I am actually sticking to for over a year now. Not only have the lbs continue to melt away, my overall health followed suit in an effortless, easy & MAJOR way! There is No Gym Time involved, No Spending Hours Prepping Healthy Meals & More Time enjoying my day to day life as a wife and mom! Within days my weight went down significantly, my natural energy level surged and my mental clarity was like no other time in my life. I thank GOD every day for this wonderful life he has given me.  It's incredible what faith can do when you're feeling your absolute worst. Just when you think you've hit rock bottom, the good Lord pulls you out of your funk and shows you the life of your dreams!

Today, I have since partnered with this incredible company and I am now coaching new members as they begin their own health journey using our nutrition as well as helping members, who choose to, start their own side business coaching and helping to change more lives also!

If you are feeling like you are stuck where you are physically or financially - I would love to show you a better way. A way that allows you to become the healthiest version of yourself for not only you but for your family. A way that allows you to bring a second or third stream of income by helping to  free others from physical and financial pain in the pockets of your time.  If this interests you, I would love to share more of my story with you and help you begin your own. Feel free to message me at nutritionallymindful (at) gmail.com.  Transformations are for EVERYONE and I can't wait to show you yours!


Freshly Picked Sandal Launch + Giveaway

Hi friends! Spring is here (or somewhat depending on where you live) and Summer is just around the corner! I always look forward to this time of year, Sun shining, Flowers blooming and the latest spring and summer fashion trends popping up on my social media feed! My favorite one that I just so happened to receive an email about was in regards to my favorite kid's shoe brand, Freshly Picked! Since my babes were born, I always had a sweet pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins waiting on them and loved how they protected their feet in the sweetest way.  Now that they are all grown up to the ripe old age of 5 and 2 (I knowI'm a little dramatic), their moccs have definitely seen better days, however thanks to the genius behind the brand, Mompreneaur Susan Peterson - Freshly Picked just launched their new line of gorgeous gender neutral leather sandals for small babes all the way up to Big Kids! These sandals are not only beautiful  they come with an amazing feature that ALL moms will appreciate!! Keep Reading....It gets good!

Freshly Picked is known for the innovative construction of the modern day moccasins for baby and toddlers, so it when it came time to create their new summer style shoe they did not disappoint! These sandals are made with PREMIUM leather (what FP is known for) allowing the straps to fit comfortably around your child's little feet. They are water-risistant so that our kiddos can still be kids!! They are constructed with a soft padded premium leather insole and cushioned sole for added comfort. My favorite feature that will have every mom reading this raising their hands singing Hallelujah! is the prong-free buckles???!!!  Can I Get An AMEN! Yes you read that right, see video below for demonstration and proof!

Is this not the best thing since sliced bread?  When we received our Freshly Picked Sandals, I could not wait to try them on my littles, amazed at how incredibly easy and stable this buckle truly is. No worries about it coming loose or kid's who are sized in between buckle holes. You just slip through and go!! And the strap lays flat and comfortable on my kiddos ankles, so no irritation or rubbing. These are truly FANTASTIC!
This past Saturday, We went to our local SnoCone Shop Snopocalypse to take advantage of the nice day we were having and it was so nice to be able to slide them on, buckle and go without the hastle!

Outfit Credit: SnoCone and Leggins: Miss Artemiss

Outfit Credit: SnoCone Tee & Leggings Miss Artemiss

Outfit Credit: SnoCone & Leggings - Miss Artemiss
Wait! There's More!! For All My Freshly Picked Fans there is a special club just for us!! It's called THE FRINGE - have you heard of it? It's a membership that is only $10/month where you will get 20% off EVERY TIME you shop their website and you will also receive FREE SHIPPING on every order - no minimum required! If you don't happen to purchase a particular month, your credit rolls over to the next month! Think of it as like a savings account for your FRESHLY PICKED obsession! Not to mention, you will receive early access to all promotions and new releases!! It's pretty awesome and something you should definitely consider if you love this brand as much as we do!!


And The Fun Continues!! This Week (Mon-Fri), Fawn Over Baby & Freshly Picked are partnering to GIVEAWAY a pair of Freshly Picked shoes to one lucky winner! All you have to do to enter is Register with the Rafflecoptor Link Below & Enter All Prompts For your chance to win! I will be cheering you on and announcing the winner Saturday Morning! Good Luck Everyone!
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Our Little Summer Time Toddler OOTD Inspiration Flatlay
McKenzie's Outfit: Miss Artemiss & Freshly Picked + Haine's Outfit: Top and Shorts: Old Navy & Freshly Picked

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