Gender Reveal Family Maternity Session: Marlena's Photography

Good Morning Fawn Friends!! I have a beautiful outdoor maternity/gender reveal photo session to share with you today!! I absolutely love seeing the creative ways couples are now sharing the news of which gender they will be welcoming into their family. While the excitement of learning about the new addition to the family is never-ending, the next order of business is counting down the days to learn if you will be seeing lots of pink or blue in the near future. Well Lisa, Arturo and their adorable son Isaiah decided to share the news with family with a fun outdoor maternity session, captured beautifully by wonderful California Photographer, Marlena's Photography!

Located in the popular spot, Field Of Dreams in Corona, California - this sweet family was all smiles as they celebrated their precious baby ??? coming soon!

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Radiant Outdoor Maternity Session By Marlena's Photography

Hello Friends! Today I am sharing a stunning maternity session from the talented photographer, Marlena's Photography. Based out of Orange County, California, Marlena specializes in natural light photography as you will see throughout her portfolio. Today's maternity session is a wonderful representation of how she uses natural settings combined with natural light to reflect her client's genuine glow as she and her husband await their soon-to-be new arrival. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and white picket fences, you can feel the love this beautiful couple have for one another and their new adventure of parenthood that awaits them. Toward the end of the session photographer Marlena wanted to make sure she captured Brenda's beautiful baby bump at sunset, so as the sun went down the gorgeous peek-a-boo rays set the perfect stage for Baby Boy Devyn to shine in his mommy's tummy!


DIY: Number Storage Bins

Happy Friday Friends! Today I am excited to share with you a little DIY project that I added to McKenzie's Room last minute before The Big Reveal! It's a pretty simple project yet adds fun and whimsy to her room.

After constantly seeing those adorable number storage bins in so many nurseries and kid's playrooms, I just had to add them to McKenzie's space too. I came across these little cuties several times on Land Of Nod and each time I was so close to buying them. However after I loaded my cart with three and then added up the cost of shipping and handling and taxes, I just couldn't bring myself to checkout, so I opted to try my hand at them.  Once I came up with a game plan and found a close enough font, it literally took me 10 minutes to create each one. I am so happy with how they turned out and at 5.99 each + paint cost, you can't beat the price! So, with out further ado, here is my short and sweet tutorial on how to make your own "Number Storage Bins"!

  1. Create & Print Your Number Template: I used PicMonkey.com's Design Editor and Used Arial Black Font with a 1700 font size, using an 8X10 frame. Use X-Acto Knife to cut out number - Be careful not to rough up the edges,
  2. Center & tape down outer edges of template to keep in place. Dab a light layer of white fabric paint onto canvas around all the edges of the the number to avoid bleeding. Then heavily dab the center, coating canvas evenly.
  3. Let Dry and Voila!! Your Number Storage Bin is Complete!
Repeat steps using as many numbers as you wish!


Bible Devotions For Baby

Hello Fawn Friends! If you've read the "About Me" category of my blog or follow me on social media, you've probably noticed my love for God, that I am a Christ follower and true believer in Him and His Promise. Not to go into my testimony or anything (maybe later), however I have experienced and seen His handy work in my life way too many times to count, not to fully trust in Him and His plan for me. Not to say my life has been a cake walk and still isn't, however knowing that I give complete control to Him gives me peace of mind knowing that through God, all things work together for the good.  My goal, my purpose and my responsibility as McKenzie's mother is to lead by example and show her what it looks like to Read God's Word, Learn God's Word, Live God's Word & Be Active In God's Word. What better way to lay that foundation than to Teach God's Word in a way that she will enjoy through child-friendly bible teaching activities, stories, games & toys.  Well, today I wanted to share with you a few items that McKenzie happens to love and/or we plan on adding to her bible devotion collection.

1. "I Love You To God and Back" By Amanda Lamb - We do not own this book, however, it will definitely be next on our list to add to McKenzie's collection of devotional books.  This Book is a wonderful way to have fun with your little as you go through their nightly routine: "teeth brushing, story time and one more glass of water" then transitions into teaching your little how to pray: "love God, Ask Him for forgiveness, Thank Him for many blessings and offer requests". As I'm slowly getting Kenzie used to a bedtime routine, this book would be the perfect way to send her off to sleep thanking God for all that He has blessed her and her family with.

2. Roman 6-Piece Plush Navitiy Scene - This is a great way to introduce your little to the story of Jesus all year round. This all cloth navitiy scene includes, Mary holding baby Jesus, Joseph holding his shepherd crock, a wooly sheep and cow which can be all nestled into a plush cloth bag that reads "Jesus is the Reason for Season". McKenzie is so into dolls and figurines right now, so I know she would be delighted to watch and learn as my husband and I use this set to "display the most holiness of nights long long ago".

3.Favorite Worship Songs: What baby or child does not like a little music to help along the learning process. I remember my mom used to turn everything into a song to help me remember our address, spelling words, sometimes even math problems. McKenzie mostly just gabs her words now, however, when she hears her favorite song come on Baby First TV, her word rhythm goes up a notch as she tries to belt out the tune! This is going to be another item on our baby devotional list in hopes that she will use music as another way to get to know God and be reminded all that He has done for her.

4.Bible For Kids App By LifeChurch.tv: As you've probably seen me mention before, our IPAD is usually the main source of entertainment for McKenzie when we are on the road and occasionally at home. We try to engage her in actual toys(go figure) while we are at home as I know she would be on the IPAD literally all day if we let her.  This app takes your child through all the main stories of the Bible in a fun interactive way. The Narrator walks the reader through each story with beautiful illustrations that move bringing each character and story to life. McKenzie's favorite is touching each animal on the screen to hear their respective sound. This app captivates children and adults alike and it is a good reminder that we are not our own, we are His.

5."Baby's First Bible" By Sally Loyd Jones - This is one of three baby friendly bibles we received as a gift and couldn't be happier that McKenzie has a variety to choose from. This board bible book is perfect for your little who likes to chew on the corners or is a little rough turning the pages. This bible book conisist of "carefully selected stories, timelesss verses, and delightful rhymes taking readers on a journey from creation to the resurrection. The amazing full color illustrations by Colin & Moira McLean help bring the pages to life to create an easy bible storybook.

6.Baby's First Bible Boxed Set By Roger Priddy: This collection of four bible stories was written and illustrated and constructed specifically for infant and toddlers in mind. This board book collection is written in simple narrative and colorful illustrations that include sparkly foil on the pages to "capture their attention and hold their interest". With four stories included: Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, The Story Of Jesus, The Story Of Moses, these books would be another wonderful addition and a great way to lay the foundation for a lifetime of faith-filled devotion during each stage of a child's young life.


Baby Girl Nursery Design by Monika from "To Someone Somewhere" !

Hello Fawn Readers! I am so excited to share with you, this gorgeous nursery awaiting the arrival of a sweet baby girl. Designed by fellow mommy blogger, Monika, from To Someone Somewhere, this baby haven is a stunning showpiece fit for a mini princess. From the soft color palette of blush pinks, light grey and gold, to the fabulous vintage pieces that are perfectly accented with a few modern touches, this space is nothing short of stunning. I can't say enough about this sweet little sanctuary so now I'm going to let the photos do all the talkin'! For item details, see captions and/or visit this gorgeous Nursery Reveal at To Someone Somewhere!

Crib: DaVinci Jenny Lind, Garland: Tuck and Bonte, Rocker: Fawn&Forest (Surprise Gift From Hubby&Family)
Throw Pillow: Ivy Baby, Side Table: Ikea Model, Floor Lamp: Similar, Gold E: DIY
White Shelves: Ikea

Dresser: Restored Antique Piece, Chevron Hamper: Walmart, Curtains & Rug: Target
Frames: Joanns (Spray Painted White), Prints: DIY & Etsy, Changing Pad Cover: ModFox
Source: To Someone Somwhere


Guest Post: Eleven & Twelve Month Favorites By Baby Darby & Co.

Happy Wednesday Fawn Friends! Today I am happy to introduce my newest Fawn Friend and mommy blogger, Patti from Baby Darby & Co.  At Baby Darby & Co, you will find Patti sharing her love of family and her passion for photography and DIY projects. Le'ts give Patti a warm welcome as she shares her newly one year old, Allison's 12 Month stats and favorites! 

Feel free to stop by Baby Darby & Co. to say hi and follow along via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & Bloglovin!

Cabinet Locks | Wagon | Crayon's (Target-Sold Out) | Blocks | LMNOpeas

Safety 1st Magnetic Locks: My oh my how wonderful these locks are! Seriously. No more partially opening cabinet doors and smooshed baby fingers! They were a little bit pricey but WELL worth it in my opinion. The only downside is if you lose the key, your out of luck.

Wagon: Allison is a firm believer in taking as many walks/rides outside as humanly possible, rain or shine. Santa brought her the wagon for Christmas but it wasn't until recently that we've had a chance to really put it to use. She loves to stroll through the neighbor hood in her onesie and sunglasses (the girl's got style) or through the house. I'll have to tell Santa thanks the next time I see him...I guess I got a built in workout plan for Christmas.

Crayon Gems: I've looked and looked all over for these online and in the store but I think they have been discontinued. Anyways...the Easter bunny brought these for Allison and they are the coolest crayons! They are super kid friendly to hold and actually use (not much pressure needed to make a mark).

Mega Bloks: Best. Present. Ever. I labored over what to get her for her first birthday and settled on these thinking maybe she'll play with them. I She LOVES them! They are always scattered about the floor and occasionally end up being stepped on or stashed away by the dog. Fun for all!

LMNOpeas: Allison loves books in general, but this book is super cute! Adorable pictures and pretty colors. Perfect combo for a baby bookworm!

Meet Baby Allison!

Age: 12 Months

Stats: 20lbs & 28 inches (These are guesstimates...we go to the doctor on the 7th!)

Clothes: A few 9 month outfits but mostly 12 months. She has filled out so much in the past two months.

Favorite Foods: Cheese, Crackers, granola bars, mac-n-cheese (can you tell we feed her such healthy foods), & yogurt (this kid LOVES yogurt!).

Favorite Words: Momma and Dadda.

Favorite Toys: Books are still by far her favorite toys. But she also is a sucker for an iPhone, remote control, or the cats fur. Ya know, the important stuff.

Sleep: She is doing so much  better with sleeping in her big girl bed. 8PM-7:30AM (she ends up in our bed usually around 2AM...not to shabby...we'll get there)  

Favorite Activities: She loves being outside and going for walks, reading books, getting into the cats water bowl, & she also has figured out how to open cabinets.

Least Favorite Activities:  I'm pretty sure this is going to stay the same forever. She absolutely HATES having to lay down to change her diaper, clothes, be put in her car seat, or anything that requires her to sit still. She is becoming more and more adamant with her protesting. It's getting a little ridiculous.

Signature Moves: Waving "Hi" & "Bye-Bye", "roll em up" (ask her, she knows), & fake laughing to make us laugh (she is a comedian already! Her Great Pop Johnny would be so proud.)

Proudest Moment: I took her to work with me the other day for a little while and she just could and would not stop giving me hugs and kisses. Times like those make me forget all the bad/sleepless nights and remember why I wanted to become a mom so badly.

Other Milestones: She has cut two of her back molars, the other two are on their way in...this kid has 10... yes you read that right...TEN teeth. What, the what?! She is becoming more independent and so much more interactive with Charles and I. We also completely cut out bottles this past month...only sippy cups for this little toddler! :( I actually cried.

Here are pictures from her first birthday party!! Where did my baby go? For all of you brand new moms, moms-to-be or even vet mom, these are the best times of your life, enjoy every little moment because before you know it they'll be a year old and you'll look back and try and figure out when it happened. Don't wish them onto the next milestone, I know it's hard, I've been there but looking back I wish I would have taken more time to appreciate her learning and growth.


Silikids: Siliskin Sippy Cup - Product Review + Giveaway!

Hello Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday and to my fellow mommies, I hope your day was filled with lots of love, joy and pampering! Now that Monday is upon us, I hope your transition back into normal mommy-mode is a smooth one. Today I am sharing a product that may help make your weekly routine run a little smoother all the while giving you piece of mind. 

I have never been one to concentrate much on going green. After having McKenzie, my main concern was making sure that she was happy and healthy, using whatever product she didn't refuse at the time and was the quickest to grab off the shelf.  Now that Kenzie is a year and half and the infancy learning curve has been fulfilled, I find myself shifting from constantly worrying about her infant development stats and milk cosumption to worrying now about keeping her safe from harmful products and feeding ware.  I've only recently heard about mom's using glass bottles instead of plastic and I've grown more interested in safer products after I was introduced to this wonderful environmentally conscious brand Silikids!

Based out of Traverse City,Michigan  Silikids was founded by two moms Stacey Feeley & Giuliana Schwab after growing concerns about the toxic materials used in children's products. Silikids was the first mom-founded brand focused on creating products that are mold & toxin-free, hypoallergenic and made entirely out of silicon. They introduced Siliskin as the first silicone sleeve for glass baby bottles. The Siliskin line has grown and now fits over glass bottles, jars, containers as well as drinking glasses for kids - providing maximum protection, durability and a clean alternative to plastic feeding products.

Silikids was kind enough to send us their 8oz Siliskin Glass Sippy. Complete with an 8oz drinking glass, silicone sleeve and leak-proof sippy lid, this Siliskin Sippy Cup is durable and dishwasher safe.  McKenzie is at the stage where she feels the need to tip, toss or push her sippy cup off of her tray during meal time and I have to say I was a little nervous about her drinking out of a glass knowing that it will most likely end up on the floor after all was said and done. To my delight, when the cup hit our hardwood floor, the protective silicone sleeve held up like a champ and there was no spill! 

The Siliskin Sippy also has textured sides to allow for an easy grip yet soft enough for comfortable handling. I also love the little circle cut-outs to easily see inside the cup. Is it juice or milk? I don't know, take a peek! (sorry I like to talk to myself from time to time)
As you can see from the photo below, the silicone top grips onto the glass while air suction keeps it tight and leak proof! As your child gets the hang of holding onto glassware, Silikids also sells Siliskin Sippy Lid and 6 oz glass sleeves separately.

I am so excited to have found this perfect product that is not only safe for my child but also safe for our environment.  From glassware sleeves to bibs and placemats, Silikids will continue to innovate and launch new products that are non-toxic, safe and durable! As I slowly replace all of McKenzie's feeding products with new silikids items, it's nice to know that after continuous use and wash they will remain sanitary and in great condition unlike most plasticware. I hope you will make the change along with me, I promise you will not regret it!


As a welcome to all Fawn Over Baby Readers, Silikids is GIVING AWAY a Siliskin Sippy Cup to one lucky reader!

To Enter All You Have To Do Is:
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  • Winner will be chosen at random and announced, Friday May 16th at 8AM EST.
  • All Entries That You Submit Will Be Verified. If verification is unsuccessful, prize will go to next randomly chosen contestant.
  • Feel Free To Share and Good Luck Friends!
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