The Snugg: I-Pad Case Product Review

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I hope you had a well rested weekend and are ready to face your week with a smile and a glow! At least that's the attitude I strive for every morning in hopes it will help make for smooth sailing.  Well, I just might have something that will help give you a glow of excitement as you find ways to entertain your little mess-free. The company is called The Snugg and they offer quality protection for your digital life at home and/or on the go.

For a while now, McKenzie has turned her attention from my toy of choice (my I-Phone) to my second toy of choice (My I-Pad). I have to say, I am quite smitten with the I-pad when it comes to the educational apps. Kenzie has learned so much from them and can now swipe and touch the screen to get to her favorites. With that said, Kenzie still hasn't gotten the concept of being gentle yet, so the iPad has taken quite the beating lately. We had a hard plastic sleeve that protected it against the occasional ding or bump, however we all know it gets a lot more wear at the hands of a toddler. Now that we have The Snugg I-Pad Case it provides the perfect cushion and protection that our poor iPad desperately needs. 

In addition to the much needed padded protection, The Snugg iPad case offers so many fun features that sets it apart from other cases on the market. With it's fold and flip stand and the multiple storage compartments, this case also includes the magnetic sleep/wake function. When the cover is closed, your iPad will go into sleep mode, automatically reserving your battery power. When your cover is open, your iPad automatically and isntantly turns on for quick use. 

With the flip stand folded, Mckenzie positioned it upside down and it actually makes for the perfect lap stand as well. Made of PU leather, the case is also easy to wipe clean if sticky fingers get to it before you do. 

If your little is getting to the age where their interest in the iPad has increased and they are occasionally  using apps for educational purposes, The Snugg is the perfect defender from baby's rough handling. In addition to the iPad case, The Snugg also provides protection for all of your electronic devices from many different brands. Stop by and browse their trendy designed selection today!


  1. Seems like a must have product. LOVE your pics, you are such a great photographer!

    1. Thank you Nicci! You're so sweet! :) This I-pad case is so nice to have! Now we can relax a little when the little has control :)

  2. Replies
    1. We certainly love it! It has so many wonderful features that we need!


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