Road Trip Activities For Toddlers

Well, we survived our 13 hour road trip to and from my home state of Texas!  It feels so great to be home, however, I wish I could pick up our house and move it close to family and friends! It's so wonderful to be able to visit, but saying good-bye is never fun. On top of high emotions of the going excitement and then having the good-bye blues returning, high anxiety came in at a close second. The thought of spending time packed in a car with two kids under the age of 4 for 13 hours had me going bannanas leading up to our vacation. No matter how much I browsed and made sure that we were covered at all angles, the vision of a 13 hour melt down seemed to take center stage in my mind. Thank goodness for all the mamas who have gone before me and were so kind to share there preperations on Pinterest! 

I gathered a few ideas from them as well as added a few that just so happened to pop in mind(I know that was you GOD, thank you as always!)  and I eventually configured a road trip activity bag that kept my toddler happy for the entire ride! I Know... I Know What Your Thinking  - that I'm bending the truth. I can honestly say that having all my ducks in a row, as painful and daunting as it may be, our family did indeed survive a long distance road trip and yours can too!

These are a few items that I just happened to come across through my "road trip activity" search. You may need to tweak with items that will work best for your toddler's specific age, gender and/or developmental stage. 

1. IPAD: We use our iPad for many things, however, for this road trip it was mainly used for playing app. games as we did not have Wifi or cellular coverage. The IPAD case is wonderful and so durable, it can be found here. Don't forget your car charger!
2. TRAVEL TRAY: This Tray is a must for car travel with kiddos. It's a great surface for crafts and activities as well as meal time. The side pockets are perfect for holding everything your little traveler may need and that they can retrieve themselves.
3. COUNTING CARDS & CLOTHESPINS: This is a wonderful activity that allows your little traveler to practice their numbers, counting and fine motor in a colorful and fun way! 
4. DO A DOTS ACTIVITY SHEETS: This is an awesome way to keep your kiddo entertained while exercising their little brain. Do A Dot Markers are great for this. If you forget to pick up a pack of markers, like I did, any markers will do. We used round stamps we had laying around, which worked just as fine.
5. MAKE A FACE STICKER BOOK:  This is a big hit with our little one. McKenzie could go for hours dressing up the character's faces with the many sticker options.
6. PIPE CLEANER & BEADS: Our little one loved stringing the beads onto the pipe cleaners, creating bracelets and necklaces for her grandma whom we were traveling to visit. We also used this as a way to practice counting and color matching. Purchased from dollar tree!
7. DRY ERASE CRAYON BOARD: This made for a wonderful blank slate allowing for free-drawing and coloring. It comes with crayons, crayon sharpener and a cloth eraser. No marker caps to loose or marker odor to worry about. Love this item!
8. STICKER SCENE ACTIVITY PACK: Another purchase from Dollar Tree! This pack comes with a cardboard scene with a glossy finish along with stickers to create a fun town scene!
9. PORTABLE DVD PLAYER: We purchased a portable dvd player since we do not have an in-car entertainment system and our IPAD is pretty much maxed out on memory. This dvd player came in quite handy and did not cost an arm and leg.  It comes with headphones and a car charger. We picked up a few of our daughter's favorite NICK JR. DVD's that were on sale! :)

Here are a few "ACTION" shots I took while we were on the road! Excuse the blurry images, I-Phones and bumpy roads don't mix.

I thought I would share our "ACTIVITY BINDER" I used to house all of our activity sheets and crayons. It came in handy, as it kept everything in one place. No digging around on this road trip! I found this pretty binder cover and simply added verbage using picmonkey.com.  I found a similar design here.


End Of Year Teacher Appreciation Gift

It's so hard to believe that this school year is coming to an end. Where did the time go? After looking at McKenzie's School Pictures from the fall, I couldn't believe how much her baby- appearance has morphed into a full on kid! Her development this past year has made us so proud. She has gone from a shy little toddler to an outgoing spirit that loves to explore and learn. I have to give credit to our pre-school teachers, Mrs. Tammy and Mrs. Kim. Their warm hearts and patient personalities have helped here with her social skills as well as created fun and upbeat faith-based learning experiences each and every day. We are so going to miss them and would love if they would reconsider moving up with McKenzie into each grade-level until High School Graduation. I know that's just wishful thinking, however it's not too much to ask for is it? ;)

To show our appreciate for all the love and hard work they've put into not only my child but 14 others as well, I put together a little gift tote filled with summer fun items to help kick start their soon -to -be time off!

As I stopped by my local  Walmart I felt inspired by these adorable picnic beach totes that I found on their summer aisle and created a functional gift that would hopefully get the excitement of summer started!
Gift Set Contents:
Each Teacher's Gift cost approximately $25! Of course you can add, remove or replace any item. The tote is the bread and butter and the filling is the icing on the cake! I'll have to admit though, I couldn't help but buy myself a tote while I was at it. Too cute and too much of a steal to pass up :)

This is the least I could do for the two ladies that have brought a great big smile to my child's face every day and set the foundation for fun learning! Thank you again Mrs. Tammy and Mrs. Kim, we are certainly going to miss you!


Sweet Peanut Organic Clothing Company

It's snuggle time today on Fawn Over Baby blog! There's nothing better than waking up to your day without a timeline to stick to or to-do list to check off. When we are lucky to have those kind of days, our go-to attire are PJs... All DAY LONG and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The best kind of PJs are the multi-functional kind that I like to call "lounge wear". You know the kind. The ones you wear straight out of bed to the grocery store? The only thing you add are sneakers and you're good to go! Well today, I'm sharing a sweet way to introduce your kiddos to "lounge wear" from an amazing organic clothing company called Sweet Peanut.

Sweet Peanut's mission is to "Make Dressing A Joy" and that's certainly how it was with my kiddos when it came time to try on their items! The bright beautiful color and design along with the buttery soft organic fabric, my two couldn't wait to get into these!

With 14 core pieces in  7 new collections each season, there is a variety of colors and prints to choose from with hassle-free outfit coordination. Within each collection, items can be mix and matched to create the perfect ensemble for your baby. It's also perfect for when you just need to change the top or just the bottoms, you still have a pulled together look.

Since it's summertime, I chose items from the bright orange collection, "beep beep". Wouldn't you know, I could dress both my son and my daughter from this one page without too much thought going into it. 

The snug fit is absolutely perfect. It allows for free-movement without loose clothing getting in the way or tripping them up. Sweet Peanut's fabric is produced using lush 100% interlocking cotton that has been pre-shrunk to guarantee fit. All fabric has also been "bio-washed to protect baby's new skin from chemicals and toxins! That means, no need to wash before wearing! That's one less load of laundry, yay!

The icing on the cake for me, is that there are no buttons or snaps on any of their pieces as those tend to make dressing an energetic baby and kid complicated. With Sweet Peanut's easy-on/off approach, you will find wardrobe changes a breeze!

I couldn't be more happier with these pieces from Sweet Peanut and I know you will too! You can't beat easy outfits that are made from top of the line organic fabric with adorable prints and colors to choose from!
To Welcome All Fawn Over Baby Readers to the fabulous Sweet Peanut Brand, they are offering the first 100 Fawn Over Baby shoppers 15% off your entire purchase! Simply browse collection here and use coupon code: "fawn" at checkout to receive this generous discount! Head On Over Now So You Don't Miss Out! Happy Shopping!
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