It's Potty Time!!! A Potty Training Party - From Creative Juice Blog

I am so excited to share this little dandy of an idea with you all today!! I mean you will seriously die after seeing this sweet party. I found all this adorableness while scrolling Pinterest and I couldn't wait to click and see all the fun details that blogger, Mindy Starr from Creative Juice came up with. You are about to step into a Potty Training Party!! This is a fun and creative way to celebrate the big milestone of your little one transitioning from baby diapers to big kid drawers.  I mean is that not the cutest idea ever??

My McKenzie is only 15 months right now, however, I am planning on introducing her to the potty this weekend. Hopefully we will have a potty trained toddler on our hands by her second birthday in October. I've read that if you begin potty awareness during their first year, it will be less frightening to them when training time comes. I've also read that it's good to celebrate each time your little equates "potty-time" to an actual potty. What better way to celebrate then to have an actual party for them with all their fellow potty training comrades?

Mindy,  with the help of her fellow "potty trainers" (aka mommies), put together this AMAZING party with the most creative touches that will have any child excited and ready to take the big leap over to BIG KID status! Here are a few photos from this swanky soiree!  There are a lot more adorable detail pics over on Creative Juice blog, so be sure to visit Potty Party - a potty training party to see more potty party preciousness!

I mean..... ? Is this not the most perfect party game for the occasion?

Source: Creative Juice Blog - Potty Party- a potty training party


DIY: Baby Polka Dot Jeans

Polkadots Anyone? I know, I know polkadots are so last summer, however, i don't really see them going anywhere. I am just as smitten with this pattern as I was when I first saw the cutest pair of baby polkadot jeans online. I wasn't quick enough and they ended up selling out, so McKenzie ended up with a pair of mini-stars instead. While the mini-stars are just as adorable, I was on a mission to find a pair of polkadot prints as well. During my search, I stumbled across a DIY tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, Frills For Thrills. Mommy blogger, Sarah posted an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own pair of polkadot jeans. Sarah's jeans came out so cute, I knew I would have to try my hand at a scaled down version for McKenzie someday. Well, today is the day and I have to say, my attempt was a success! The process was so easy and it only took me a few hours (due to dry time). Now that I'm a semi-pro at polkadotting, I find myself looking around the house for more items to dot, hehe! 

Though I've seen a lot of mini polkadot jeans trending, I decided to stick with the larger dot. I like the way they pop and make more of a bold statement. If you're not a huge polkadot fan, you might want to stick with minis.

  1. Pair of Jeans (light or dark)
  2. A piece of card-stock paper or cardboard (cut to slide inside the legs)
  3. White Fabric Paint
  4. A circular sponge brush (I used a 1/2inch)
  • Cut your card-stock or cardboard and slide down each pant leg
  • I started my first dot centered on the back of her jeans,below the waistband.
  • I used a piece of card-stock (that I cut about 2inches in length) as my spacer between the dots
  • With every line, I started from left to right making sure the dots never line vertically (spacing every 2 inches)
  • Let dry for about an hour, flip over and repeat on the front.
  • After drying, you may wash to get a bit of a faded look.

I hope this tutorial is as fun and easy for you as it was for me! 
McKenzie's Outfit: Brown Leather Bow (Raine& Skye), Shirt(BabiesRUs), Jeans(Carter's), Belt(Walmart), Shoes-Out of stock at (ZaraBaby)
Today, I am linking up with Ashley and Jess for their beautiful weekly series, "It's The Little Things" - It's a wonderful way to share the sweet"little things" that pop up throughout your day. Join us as we celebrate those little gem moments that turn our everyday into cherished memories!


An Earthy & Elegant One Year Photo Session By Lauren Pollard Photography

Hello my lovelies! I am so exciting to share a  one year photo session fit for a golden princess, brilliantly captured by So-Cal's talented Lauren Pollard Photography! Lauren is no stranger to Fawn Over Baby, as we shared her insanely beautiful boho chic family session this past summer. Today, we are celebrating baby Jules turning ONE! Once again, Lauren brought her "A" game when she stepped behind the lense. She used her art-like approach and painted stunning images that will illustriously illuminate your screen with every down-scroll. With Gold and Pink as the theme of the day, Lauren used natural light and outdoor surroundings to set the stage for an earthy yet glamorous capture of baby Jules! These photos are timeless gems that will be forever cherished and inspiring to so many in this extremely creative field.   Get ready to take notes and fawn over this glamour girl's one year photo shoot!


Enchanting Maternity Session By Danielle D'Arcy Photography

Oh Danielle, your photos continually have me at "hello".  I'm sure most of you are figuring out what a huge fan I am of Danielle D'Arcy Photography. She is no stranger to Fawn Over Baby and as you scroll through this STUNNING maternity session, not wanting this magical capture to end, you will see why I can't get enough of her incredible works of art. Today, she continues to blow me away with her whimsical approach, yet impeccable technique to photography. Danielle's photos highlight the natural beauty of her clients by using natural light and a natural setting that produce amazing fairytale-like images. Today's feature of mommy-to-be, Emily, offers that and more.  All the way from Brisbane, Australia, among the enchanting trees and a tranquil stream bed, Emily's pregnancy glow illuminates. If these photos don't send you into calm and relaxed state of mind, I don't know what will. If you can't get enough of Danielle's amazing work and would like to continue your zen-like state, feel free to check out her beautiful capture of Emily's sister, Skye and her maternity session. Though these sister's concepts are different and unique to their own personal style, they are equally as stunning and serene.


Ladida: Online Exclusive Children's Boutique

Even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I still look forward to the weekends. I love when I have the opportunity to do a little shopping... and I don't mean online either. I mean real "brick and mortar" style shopping. Even though I try to make it about me and my much needed wardrobe overhaul, I tend to somehow find myself spending the day shopping for my baby girl.  It's so easy to just mosey on over to the baby section and fall in love with all the mini fashions that are out there. I don't know why I look when I know I could probably find the exact same outfit online at a cheaper price or use a discount code. If you follow me on Instagram,  my obsession with baby fashion and "OOTD" (Outfit Of The Day) posts are apparent. With that said, you can imagine my excitement when I was approached by this lovely little baby fashion website called, Ladida!  

Ladida is a baby/kid fashion website that offers highly sought after baby/kid brands such as: Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Chloe and many others. Based out of New Jersery, Ladida is truly one stop shopping for brand conscious mamas. Their collection of designers are lines that I come across daily on my baby fashion internet finds and can't help but splurge on from time to time. This wonderful online store not only offers baby styles that are hard to find in most baby/kid department stores, they fill their shop with quality organic pieces that are comfortable and sensitive to your child's delicate skin . I know, it's too much excitement to take in all at once. If you have a moment, stop on by and browse Ladida for a bit, you will not be disappointed!

To give you an idea of what to expect while visiting Ladida, we decided to mix and match items from a few of the designers that are offered. A few of these items are out of stock, however, there are plenty of similar styles to choose from. I hope you have as much fun shopping Ladida as I do! 

This adorable trendy IKKS long sleeve tee is made of a Cotton/Viscose/Elasthane blend, making it so soft (like silk) and comfortable for baby to wear! 
The 3 Pommes corduroy shorts are perfection! They have an elastic waistband, cotton liner for added comfort, two pockets and an adorable side zipper and opposite side embellishment.
These ADORABLE Bobo Choses tights are stretchy and so soft. The adorable knee patch contrast had me at hello.
Accessories Info: Headband: Love Crush Bowtique, Boots: Target, Belt: Target(boys section)
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