Guest Post By Karli From Farmer and The Bell: Little Kaye Turned One!

Good Morning Fawn Fans! After a bitter sweet weekend away celebrating McKenzie turning one, we are back home at Mimi's house getting settled in. We had such a wonderful time while visiting daddy and can't wait to share photos from our little one year old's mini birthday festivity. In the meantime, Karli, an awesome mommy blogger from Farmer and The Bell, is here to share her sweet little Kaye's ADORABLE 1st year family photo session and cake smash. This gorgeous family was wonderfully captured by the talented Two Bird's Studio on a luminous day in Boise, Idaho. Here is Karli to give you all the delightful details!


Well folks. They did it again...and it was the best sesh to date.

The husband/wife team of two bird studio snapped some goodies of my very best gal to capture her one year old self and as i look at the pictures over and over and over aaaaand over...I crack up every time.
Her personality was captured to a "t" and I couldn't be more pleased.
Oh my turtle. i'm so in love with this gal...and to have beautiful pictures to share of her just makes me all the happier.

Just look at her...

How is it even possible that little old me was gifted this perfection.
She's gonna be a star, folks. a star.
A mother's pride. dangerous stuff.
...but back to two bird studio.
Are they not oh so talented?
I'll answer for you. yes. Yes they are.
My gal is lightening fast on her feet so we plopped her in a big valley of tall grasses and that did a great job of slowing her down...just enough to snap away without being blurry. she's quick.

She's also quite focused.

Chica is a professional. It's like the cameras weren't even there. such a natural.
Our farmer and i even managed to sneak into a few shots. The walls in our house are still bare and I have big plans for some canvas family prints.

Is anyone a whiz with photo-shopping braces out of pictures? shoot me an e-mail.

...and i'm SO happy they snapped this goodie.
My farmer throws kaye in the air on the daily.
She's typically terrified...valid.

We borrowed this sweet teepee from our farmer neighbor (Amy) and i'm thrilled we did. there are so many cute shots of Kaye peaking through the window, biting the window, walking in and out of the door...the perfect prop for our gal.

I've NEVER never seen her make this face. 
A one year original. Just for you guys. 

We finished up with a glorious cake smash.
It was girlfriends first time really eating sugar sugar. like...the good stuff.
She was pretty into it at the start...
 ...and then...

it's safe to say this was the last picture. 
girlfriend was over it...and cold.
Thank you so so...so so much to two bird studio. you two are always so fun to hang out with...next time lets get a post-sesh beverage...mmmk?

two bird studio


A Love Letter To My One Year Old Daughter- Happy Birthday McKenzie!

Well the day is finally here :( My baby girl is no longer an infant, she is now considered a "Toddler" or in some cases, a "Pre-Toddler". I never would've thought that I would be struggling with this wonderful milestone, especially since I have been planning her 1st birthday since we found out we were having a girl (or maybe even before I became pregnant, he he). Today, I received my weekly "baby-development" message from The Bump.com saying, "It is perfectly normal for parents to feel a mixture of pride at seeing how far you've come and sadness at how quickly your little one has gone from baby to toddler." I'm so glad that I still subscribe to these updates. It's messages like this one, that ease my worry that maybe I haven't gone completely mad, lol.

Our Monthly Pic Pose

Today I've decided to follow in the footsteps of many wonderful fellow mommy bloggers and write a little love letter to McKenzie on her special day...

Dear My Little Love ,

From the moment we found out that you would soon be joining our quiet little life in Anchorage, Alaska, we were overwhelmed with panicked excitement!!. I expressed my merriment by obsessively "pinning" your nursery designs and 1st birthday party inspirations on Pinterest, while daddy expressed his by obsessing over finances and selling off all of his outdoorsy accouterments - you know, so we could afford to pay those pesky tuition fees your future college would be billing us for the second they found out you were born. (sarcasm). Needless to say, it was our goal to make sure that a warm and welcoming home would be ready and waiting for your big arrival.

When that day came, me, daddy and "mimi" were there to fill your world with overwhelming tender, love and care. Even though those late night wake up calls and feeding stuggles caused us to go through quite an adjustment period, after about three months, we eventually were able to establish a consistent sleeping schedule and feeding method that worked wonderfully for us. Soon after, you graced us with your beautiful smiles and giggles that we still can't get enough of. Every day, we find ourselves just watching you and all of the exciting developments that unfold right before our very eyes. 

All About You:
I Love how your strength and observant nature was very apparent from day one. The day we brought you home, you lifted your little head up over daddy's shoulder to see what was going on and who was in the room. We began calling you "Nosey Parker". I Love how you were extremely curious and eager to dissect everything that was in reach. You still get into "the zone", as we call it, when we provide you with a new toy or kid-friendly household object to play with. You will analyze every square inch of it with the most serious and intense expression on your face. ( you are so your daddy's little girl) 

I Love it when you are greeted with a new face,you are quick to take a moment and give them the stair down, as if you were sizing them up. It's quite funny to watch, however, probably not so funny for the people that you choose not to give smiles to. 

I Love that you tend to be sensitive to unexpected loud noises, yet you love the loud word "BOO!", while playing hide and seek with anyone who is willing.

I Love it when you giggle and laugh at our doggy Nahla when she gives you kisses or sniffs your face. You love climbing all over her and you occasionally use her as a seat. She loves you so much, she just lays there without a care in the world.

I Love that you LOVE to read your books. You turn each page as if your on a mission to find out what happens next. You are quick to find the printed passage and "babble'" away as if you are reading every word. Your favorite books these days are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and anything by Karen Katz.

I Love the fact that though you like to have those quiet/still moments, you are a bulldozer in your little walker. As soon as we slide your little legs through the openings of the seat, you're OFF, bumping into any piece of furniture or toes that stand in your path. We've learned to stay out of your way, as our toes have taken quite the beating lately.

I Love how you take one more step than you did the day prior and I know those few steps will soon turn into full on walking. I will probably shed a little happy tear on that day too.

I especially Love how you can say "mamamama" and "daaah-dah!".  Mimi and her childhood friend, Dana, also taught you how to say "purrrrty" in their good ole' southern drawl. So from time to time, you will say those words and my heart just melts.

Every Night I thank GOD for choosing me to be your mommy. I  feel so extremely blessed to be married to your wonderful daddy and now have you here to enrich our lives even more. I can't wait to watch you grow into the Godly woman, wife and mother, I pray you'll become. 

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet girl! I love you with all my heart and all my soul!



Sloane's Indian-Inspired 1st Birthday Party by Becky Kimball Photography

Happy Wednesday Fawn Friends!! As I continue to try to keep calm and carry on planning my little's 1st birthday celebration this weekend, I have THE MOST adorable Indian-inspired 1st birthday party to share with you today! I mean, your are seriously going to die when you see the spectacular details that make up baby Sloane's fantastic and fanciful backyard soiree. Mom and photographer, Becky Kimball, wanted a "relaxed and casual" get together to celebrate her baby girl turning one. To commence Sloane's memorable milestone, guests received an adorable custom designed invitation, created by talented artist, Kelli Murray, requesting they come dressed for the occasion (wearing "feathers and moccasins"). When they arrived they were greeted with a crafting station, which allowed them to indulge their creative side and assemble their very own Indian-inspired headdress. From feathers to felt and ribbon, they had everything they needed to complete their party accessory. Becky also set-up a beautifully decorated tee-pee, setting the perfect stage for little Sloane and friends to explore and let their imaginations run free! I can't get enough of this little gem of a birthday party and I hope you are left feeling just as inspired as I am!

I mean seriously, how cute is this little guest of honor?

Baby Sloane and her adoring big brother. They are too precious!
Proud Mom, Becky  and her little birthday girl

Proud Dad and Brother come to the rescue to help blow out her candle.

Visit Becky Kimball Photograhy to get all the info and more details about this AMAZING 1st birthday party!


Birthday Crown Headband By Ava & Paislee: Review + Giveaway!

Hello friends! This is an exciting week for me and my little McKenzie.  We are gearing up for her Big O-N-E milestone this Friday, October 25th! I can't believe Kenzie's 1st birthday is already here. I mean I've been counting down and documenting each month in excitement, however now that it is finally here, I can't help but get a little teary eyed. I swear it feels like just yesterday we were driving her home from the hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Where did the time go? I have a feeling I will be that mom crying while singing "happy birthday". I know, I'm such a baby (no pun intended). Though I may have a few "mommy moments" this week, I have had so much fun brain-storming and now planning her "semi-festivity" for this weekend (more on that topic later). 

The first thing that came to mind,when thinking about Kenzie's birthday,was her 1st birthday outfit and accessories. Every birthday girl needs accessories, right? Well, I found the perfect little hair accessory that is the epitome of a girly-girl celebration. I'm talking about the fun and fanciful "Party Crown Headband" from Ava & Paislee on etsy! Owner and fellow mommy, Linzy Herron hand-makes these adorable little sparklers in a variety of colors as well as other uniquely designed accessories for everyday wear, special occasions, gift-giving, party favors and photo session prop. 

Today, McKenzie is wearing one of the fabulous Ava + Paislee Birthday Crown Headbands in Gold and Pink. The wonderfully crafted mini sized crown is attached to a thin headband making it lightweight and extremely comfortable for her to wear.
Crown: Ava + Paislee,  Necklace: Pippi Larue Beadtique

Lately, Kenzie has not been a big fan of headbands. I was so worried that she would begin yanking or pulling at it as soon as she saw it coming her way . To my surprise, she was perfectly content and not even aware that she had anything on her head at all. She was able to crawl, attempt a few steps and fall, pull back up and the crown didn't budge.
Dress: Crazy 8, Crown: Ava+Paislee, Necklace: Pippi Larue Beadtique
I have to say that this lovely little crown head piece has my BIG stamp of approval. It is the PERFECT accessory for our mini royals and it adds that sweet touch of sparkle that will make every little girl shine!


Today, Ava + Paislee Would Love To Help Your Little Sparkle on Her Big Day by giving you the chance to win a FREE Birthday Crown headband from their Glitter Collection!

Here Are All The Details:
  • Three (3) Lucky Fawn Over Baby Readers Will Each Win A Party Crown Headband (winners' choice of size and color)
  • To Enter, Fill Out Our Lovely Form Below With Options For Extra Entries
  • Feel Free To Share This Wonderful Giveaway To Fellow Mommies (& Daddies).
  • Winner Will Be Selected At Random and Announced On Our McKenzie's Big Day, Friday, October 25th.
  • Good Luck and Thank You For Entering!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A Vintage "Baby's Nest" Themed Baby Shower By Tanori Photo

Good Morning Friends! Today I am sharing the sweetest diy baby shower sent to me by talented photographer,Abby, owner of Tanori Photo! Located in Montebello, California, mommy-to-be, Arlene, was showered with lots of love, gifts and an AMAZING soiree, beautifully designed by her talented and creative sister.  Arlene's lovely hostess went all out designing the perfect vintage/diy shower to celebrate the arrival of her new baby boy. With the theme "baby's nest",  blue birds, bird's nests and bird-cage floral arrangements were displayed throughout. Her sister also laid out her own stunning collection of vintage china, adding that perfect touch of heirloom elegance. I am so in love with this gorgeous shower and the stunning capture by Abby Tanori, I can't help but think that many will fall in love with it too and use it as inspiration for their "future ideal" baby shower as well.

Source: Tanori Photo
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