Emerson's Pink & Gold Birthday Party By Brooke Whitney Photography

It's Wednesday Friends! That means we are half way to our fun-filled weekend, right? If you are needing an extra boost to get you through the week, I have just the eye-candy that will lift your spirits!

Today we are celebrating baby Emerson turning the big O-N-E!!! Her adorable birthday party was designed and captured by her talented photographer mommy, Brooke Whitney and I have to say this theme has me seeing pink  - in the most simplisitically chic way!

Pale Pink, Gold and touches of Glitter set the stage for this fanciful and feminine soiree. Brooke incorporated the perfect amount of each color offering a soft and inviting space for baby Emerson and guests to relax and enjoy her special day. I can't say enough about this charming celebration, so let's dive right into the details!

The beautifully decorated food table not only served as a gorgeous display of appetizers and florals, it made for the perfect backdrop for momentous keepsake party pics!

Brooke's amazing creativeity did not stop there. To please guests of all ages, she incorporated a charming beverage station offering refreshments that kept in keeping with the overall whimsical theme of the party.

When it came time for Emerson's first cake tasting, Brooke opted for a single cupcake for baby Emerson to dive into! From the looks of it, I think she would've asked for seconds if she could!
I'm so smitten over this party and how the simple, yet stunning details allowed for a fun and frilly celebration that any mini princess and her friends would love!


Baby Nora's One Month Photo Session By Valerie Shelton Photography

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! With fall approaching there is something about the outdoors that I'm am obsessively trying to hang on to. From having our meals outside any chance we get to taking a nice family stroll around the neighborhood or hiking trail or spending just a little longer outside while Kenzie splashes around our sprinkler. These are times full of exploration, pure exuberance for life and simple pleasures. Though it gets steaming hot here in South Georgia, I find myself wanting to soak it all in while we can.  With that said, when beautiful mommy Ashley sent me her daughter, Nora's one month outdoor photo session, my heart did a little jig of joy :)  

This gorgeous mommy may look familiar to you,  as her stunning romantic outdoor maternity session also graced our homepage a few months back.  Captured by the AMAZING Valerie Shelton Photography, she and her beautiful one month old Nora took to the outdoors again producing an even more amazing capture! 

Located at Ashley's great-grandmother's house in Clayton, Georgia, baby Nora felt right at home surrounded by a lush greenery landscape and generations of unconditional love. To make this session even more meaningful, Ashley used her wedding veil as a canopy to hang around Nora as she posed for her one month close-up.  Photographer Valerie captured her expressions so vividly, you can feel the pure contentment and awe of this new world around her at just one glance. Everything about this session just warms my heart and just reminds me to appreciate the wonderful blessing of family and unconditional love that surrounds us everyday. 

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