McKenzie’s 8th "Party Animal" Theme Birthday Party

Our sweet little animal loving girl turned 8 this month and I can help but feel all the feels about it. On one hand I'm so proud and blessed to be able to watch her grow into such a wonderful and kind person, yet on the other hand its hard on this mama's hear to except that she's no longer our little baby girl. I wouldn't have it any other way though, I think it is ok for mamas to have a little cry over their babies growing up. It just means that they love them that much more!

This year McKenzie wanted to have a wild animal party. Thank goodness for Etsy because I honestly didn't know where to start. I found this adorable "animal party" themed birthday set with all the bright colors that she is loving these days and I was sold! The invites, backdrop, game posters, thank you notes - all had coordinating images that pulled the entire party together. It made for an easy set-up for sure. All I had to do was add balloons and a few other accessories to take it over the top (I tend to do that a lot ;/).

The cake toppers are animal figurines I found at our local dollar tree. I just spray painted them coordinating bright colors  to match the rest of the details.

I went simple on the cake and purchased this one from our local Walmart. They always do a great job and they are delicious!

I was surprised to find the Cheetos brand Cheetah Paws at Walmart, so I of course grabbed those up.

The Zebra tails were my favorite. I found that idea off of Pinterest and had to incorporate. Some little guests were a fan and some weren't but they made for a cute addition to the table ;o)

Each place setting had a goodie bag filled with animal themed toys and a cup full of what was supposed to be frosted animal crackers, however they melted in the car on the way over ;'(

This is where I get into trouble. I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to add it in! I mean how cute are those little safari animals in their carrying cases. Over the top I know but I couldn't help myself and kiddos couldn't wait to pick theirs out. So it was a win-win!

These mask I found on Amazon went perfectly with the theme. Its always fun to have a photo booth or even just props to take party pics with.

These little blow up animals were a sweet little touch. I used the elephant as a centerpiece and it made the perfect statement as our little guests enter the room.

Pin the tail on the zebra was a request from the birthday girl so I can't take credit. Im so grateful for the little shop, Design My Party Studio, on etsy once again for thinking of everything when it comes to party decor! Her cute bday t-shirt is from etsy shop About A Sprout.

We so enjoyed this sweet little party and felt so much love! Thanks to all of the creatives out there that make it so much easier for us mamas to plan the perfect celebration for our little!



Haines Disney Pixar Cars Birthday

Technically this is Haine's 4th birthday, however, we've used the same theme for two years in a row. So he is now 5 but I though I would share a quick and easy way to set up a bday display without breaking the bank. This particular year we didn't have a huge party but I still wanted to do something special that made a statement. Banners are the way to go to pull it off. You can purchase on amazon for around $30, sometimes even cheaper and they really to pack a punch. 

I think just purchase coordinating items from Dollar Tree or Walmart to fill in. 

I found orange cones at the Dollar Tree and purchased several of those to display around. The plates, pennant flags and napkins were from the party aisle at Hobby Lobby. 

The cake is from Walmart. They always do a great job and their cakes are pretty delicious!This cars cake even came with a few toy cars to set atop the cake.

I found these streamers on amazon as well. I received a big pack of them pretty cheap too.

I did splurge a little on these custom cookies. I love a good customer cookie, they always add festive fun decor and they are pretty great to eat too!

THe balloons I purchased on amazon as well and had our local grocery store blow them up the day of. He absolutely loved these!

A birthday isn't complete without your own custom bday t shirt. I found this on etsy. He still loves to wear it to this day (and he's now 5 years old lol!) The car drive along came from Walmart online. We got it for a steal (in my opinion) definitely shop around.

 All in all, it was a festive and fun celebration that my son absolutely loved! Who says you have to have a house full of guests to enjoy a bday party with a bang! Lol!


Unicorn Themed Birthday Party - McKenzie Turns 6!

As I prepare for my daughter McKenzie's 7th birthday, I realized that I never shared her 6th birthday party from last year. I guess that's what happens when you are a mom of two plus everything you decided to commit to this year, knowing full well you don't have the time or metal space to add anything else. I don't know how but I am able to sit here and write this post without distraction! Can I get a Hallelujah?! 

This party was such a wonderful whimsical celebration! McKenzie is an avid dinosaur lover and to my surprise she slowly transitioned over to unicorns. So when it came time to plan her 6th year birthday party, Unicorn Themed it was! 

I searched high and low for a venue to host her party in hopes to have a pony ride for her and her little guests but came up short. Within just a few weeks of the set date, I found this adorable PonyLand Farm about 30 minutes outside of town. Not only did that have a special place on their land to host a fun party, they also offered "Unicorn" pony rides! As a mom/party planner, to say I was thrilled is putting it lightly! I literally fell to my knees with overwhelming gratitude! 

As far as decor, I used the faux grass backdrop that we've had for years. We bought it for McKenzie's Peppa Pig party back when she turned 3.  This backdrop was well worth the time and $$, we've used it for so many events. (more info in photo captions...)

These adorable cookies were made custom from Sweet Addictions Bakery her in town.

The cake, I purchased at publix. They always do a great job! The Unicorn eye lashes and flower
horns, I printed off at Office Max from a google image. The leaves I purchased from hobby lobby
a while ago. 

The table I used a plastic gold table cloth from walmart and laid a magnolia garland down the center.
The floral plates were purchased from Amazon here & here They matched perfeclty with the unicorn backdrop!
The flower lid mason jars, I purchased from Etsy years back. They are plastic and are perfect for little girl parties

I made the girls peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches in the shape of starts using a star cookie

I also served buggle chips or we called them "unicorn horns" 

The girls enjoyed making their own unicorn horn treats using icing and ice cream cones.

The girls received cute little unicorn headbands to wear during the party. I purchased them here 
on amazon.

The horse property was kind enough to let the girls use watercolor soap paint on their ponies. The pony loved
getting loved on all morning. 

Pony rides were a must and the girls loved riding their unicorn around.

I purchased McKenzie's outfit on amazon as well. Birthday Girl T-Shirt & Floral Leggings.

These goodie bags were purchased at Dollar Tree. I simply hot glued the unicorn flower horns and drew on eyelashes.

My son had a little too much fun at the dessert table.

All in all it was a wonderful morning spent playing, riding, painting and eating. These little 6 year olds had the best time celebrating our little McKenzie and for that we are so grateful!
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