Pool Time with Baby - Checklist & Tips For Smooth Sailing

Good morning sunshine's! Today I am sharing tips on how to make your pool-time with baby run like a well-oiled machine. At first I have to admit, the thought of packing everything, timing it just right and drudging up to the neighborhood pool seemed daunting. It actually kept me home most days because of the chaotic train wreck that I envisioned every time I considered it. That is pretty much how I approach all outings now that I have baby in tow. I build it up in my mind as being this HUGE, stressful task instead of taking a moment to "dumb it down" (in my mind) and enjoy a fun adventure with my daughter. Now that summer is coming to end (well, the pool hours are), I decided to throw all my hesitations, fears and doubts out the window and take my baby girl to the pool...All By MYSELF!... I know, crazy right?

Here are tips that I found helpful to have a safe and successful day at the pool with baby.

  • I waited until after Kenzie took her morning nap.
  • While Kenzie napped, I got everything together and packed up the car.
  • When she woke up, I changed her into her Huggies Little Swimmer diaper ,  swimsuit and cover-up
  • I fed her and then we were off! :)
**A well rested and fed baby is key to having a successful pool outing**

What to bring:
  • Stroller - This helps transport pool accoutrement as well as contain your little while you set up shop. It also comes in handy when baby is ready to catch some Zzzz's. (No need for a pack and play)
  • Large Beach Bag - you shouldn't need more than one bag. Leave diaper bag at home
  • I brought a baby float with canopy for McKenzie to sit in. She loved it, however, she was ready to get into the big pool after a few minutes.  
What to pack for a 2-hour stay: (you may want to add more if you plan to stay longer (i.e,diapers, bottles & snacks)
  • A hooded towel for McKenzie
  • A beach towel for me
  • Hat for MK (she wouldn't leave it on so it stayed in the beachbag
  • 1 extra Huggies Little Swimmer diaper (Just in case of a messy accident)
  • Wipes (in case there is a messy accident)
  • 1 extra "day to day" diaper (to wear home)
  • Aveeno Baby Sunblock Lotion (MK prefers lotion vs spray)
  • Sippy Cup for MK and water bottle for me (just to keep hydrated)
  • A few bath toys (We didn't play with these much)
Not sure what to think

Towel time while mommy set up shop under
the umbrella

This floaty was the perfect way to introduce McKenzie
to the water and her surroundings.
She loved the floaty, however, she began to feel antsy
and hot after a while(as it keeps their upper body pretty dry),
so she was ready to jump in!
We glided and bounced around the big pool.
She loved watching me blow bubbles.
Her favorite activity was me sitting her on the edge of the pool,
counting to three then lifting her up and into the water
(sort of like a  baby-style dive)  We even went under water a few times!
 (Counting to three and quickly blowing into baby's face, before dipping them
under, causes them to breathe-in and then breathe out  while under water)

Once I introduced her to the steps, it was love at first "sit"!
She loved splashing around and pulling up on the side.

She felt like such a big girl :)

Preparing For Departure:

  • I "remote" started the car to cool off
  • I changed Kenzie out of her swimsuit and her "little swimmer" diaper
  • I put her normal "day to day" diaper on, along with her cover-up/dress
    • Cover-ups or T-shirts are "a must", as it acts as a barrier against the hot carseat straps.
  • I then sat her in her stroller while I got dressed and loaded up our things
  • Then off to the car we went!
Don't you love my "after swim" hair-do?

I  hope you feel inspired to conquer your fear of having a "mommy or daddy & me" day at the pool! Just keep it simple. Pack a few necessities and let the water do all the entertaining!


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! She is so precious! I am headed to the beach this weekend sans the husband, so these tips will be really useful!

    1. Oh I love the beach!! That's our next trip. I'm sure I will not be quite as prepared :I
      Thanks for stopping by Hayley!

  2. She's adorable! What a fun outing!! The pool is so fascinating for toddlers... Its fun capturing their amazement!

    1. I agree Elle! Once you have your routine down, it is such an easy and fun way to entertain the kiddos! :)
      Thanks for stopping by Elle!

  3. Ugh! The Pool has been so daunting for me this summer with two under two. You pointed out two major mistakes I made. Put the kids in the stroller to get them back and forth (especially with two). The other thing I made a mistake on was not getting the canopy blow up floaty. I could have put the little one in that to rangle the older one. Lessons learned!!! Great post and helpful to those (like me) who screwed it up to the point of avoidance.

    1. I hear you Kate! It definitely took me a couple of times to figure out what did and din't work. I couldn't figure out why it seemed as though other mom's looked like they had everything under control and I noticed they had something I didn't. THE STROLLER!lol! The floaty for your little one will definitely help when having two kiddos to corral :)
      Thank you for stopping by Kate!

  4. Such sweet photos! It looks like your day at the pool was a blast!

    1. Thank you Heather! It is such a blast! We go just about everyday! I'm so glad the Kenzie loves it as much as I do :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

  5. lots of great tips. I wish we could go to outdoor pools up here! :)

    1. I know Whitney. That was the only thing missing(besides family for me) was outdoor swimming pools during the summer. They are such a blast and a great way to entertain the littles! Hug Alaska for me! :)

  6. Looks like she loves the water. :) I love her after pool hair-do, lol. I am still afraid to go anywhere with my kids without my husband or mom... I've gone shopping alone once and to the pool once and both ended in disaster! I guess I'll get better at it as time goes on. :)


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