Keziah's Winter Wonderland Themed 1st Birthday Party - Guest Post By Ashley Staples

Happy Friday Fawn Friends!!! Today I have a Whimsical Winter Wonderland 1st birthday party to share with you all! Precious Baby Keziah is turning the big O-N-E and her beautiful and talented mommy, Ashley is here to give you all the budget-friendly scoop on her baby girl's big day! Ashley is a wonderful blogger friend of mine over at Staples On The Grow, where she shares her journey as a wife, mommy and everything in between! If anything, you should follow just to see all of her ADORABLE photos of Keziah! As Keziah celebrates her big one year milestone, she is surrounded by the people that love her most and a Gorgeous Winter Wonderland setting that is designed to perfection! I could go on and on about this GORGEOUS gathering, however,  I'll let Ashley take it from here.

Good afternoon, friends!  Tuesday was my Princess' first birthday!!!  It's nap time now, so I've got a little bit of time to share of photos of her birthday party, which was on Sunday.  We kept the celebration on the smaller side since our home isn't large enough to invite all of the people Keziah wanted to invite (the girl's got lots of friends, what can I say?).  Okay, that last statement was pure sarcasm, though I wish it were true.  This mama's gotta work on getting out of the house more and visiting more mama friends.  Now, where were we ... oh, Keziah's party!
Now, I'm a very frugal person when it comes to certain things.  When I say certain things, I mean the things that I know I can DIY and totally rock it.  When I spotted a rustic, winter wonderland party on Pinterest, I literally cried.  I had to have it.  The only problem being that I am not a gazillionaire like it looked like that other mama was, so I knew that I'd have to cut corners, plus, there was no way my husband would allow me to repaint our walls, have linens and tables and chairs rented, etc. And hey, I don't blame him!  :)

Here are some photos that I was able to snag before our guests showed up, and all the decorations weren't in "perfect" order, and my makeup wasn't sweated off. Ha!

Here is a list of the shops/websites that we used for her big day.  Now, I researched and researched to pinch every penny that I could.  If you can find the following items cheaper, I won't believe ya'! ;)  

Birthday Invites: DIY
Chalkboard Stats Board:  DIY
Lace Mason Jars: DIY
Wooden Glitter Tree: Target Clearance the day after Christmas 
Bottle Brush Trees: Love it Shabby on Etsy 
First Birthday Crown: Little Blue Olive on Etsy
Catering: Portillo's/Barnelli's and Cheesecake Factory (Super Bowl was the same day means appetizers are a must!
Table Runner + Food Place Cards: DIY
Sparkle Branches: Blooms and Branches
Flowers: the absolute sweetest people from Floral Acres
Keziah's Birthday Cake: DIY (and a little help from Wilton + Betty Crocker!) ;)
Cake + Cupcake Toppers: DIY (Washi Tape from Shop Sweet Lulu)
Ribbon Backdrop: DIY
Keziah's Birthday Dress: Auto Alive on Etsy 

Oh!  And since Keziah didn't want a taste of the (second!) cake that mama slaved over, I'll share a taste with you!  

Am I a bad mama for showing her how to push her hand in the cake?  Maybe.  Was I slightly offended that she wanted nothing to do with this cake? Absolutely.  Did the cake go to waste?  Definitely not.  

Thank you so much Ashley!! I'm so excited and so happy to share Keziah's Special Day!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Love it!

    1. I couldn't agree more! I love all the details that Ashley incorporated!

  2. this could not be any cuter! and neither could she! good job, mama!

    1. I agree Kelli!! This sweet little party is absolutely perfection and so is sweet little Keziah!


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