MAM Pacifier Review and Giveaway!

Hello friends!  Today, we are going to talk about a product that has been on the market for yearrrrrrs and that my little one (and myself) can't live with out.  As much as I tried and tried to find other ways to sooth McKenzie during her younger infancy, the only thing that would calm her was the good ol "Binky", "Passy" or "Pacifier".

When McKenzie was first born, she wasn't a fan of the wonderful pacifier assortment that we received as gifts. At first, I thought we were the "lucky parents" that didn't have to mess with the whole pacifier routine that we've heard so much about. For example, they supposedly can alter teeth alignment and it would be a nightmare habit to break her from.  Well, McKenzie's late night wake-up calls were getting harder and harder to sooth. After a good feeding and diaper change and many other crafty ideas we could come up with at 3:00am, my husband still found himself walking up and down stairs while bouncy her on his forearm, as an attempt to calm her. I think a lot of it was a tummy-ache, however, I'm sure some of it was that she just worked herself up into a tizzy and couldn't seem to calm down. We finally decided to see what other pacifier brands were out there after jelously watching so many of our friends just pop the little miracle worker in their baby's mouth and instantly their baby was soothed. So Yes, we began to actively seek out a pacifier line that would hopefully be "THE ONE". To all my non-pacifier mommies, please don't kill me!

Luckily, we happened upon a lovely brand called, MAM! . Not only are their designs ADORABLE, their pacifier line is developed along side a team of expert Orthodontists and Dentists from International Children Medical Research Society. The MAM pacifier is BPA free with a curved shield allowing for a comfortable fit around McKenzie's mouth. The shield is also constructed with tiny air holes, allowing for her skin to breathe. No chapped mouth here! Their ultra soft silicone nipples are made with an anti-slip texture, preventing those accidental slip-outs and are crafted to allow for natural oral- cavity development (which was my biggest fear before starting the pacifier hunt).

For those of you, who's baby has "spoken" and MAM is the only brand for them, don't forget the wonderful case in which they are packaged in can also be used for microwave sterilizing! I know, I know, I just learned about that too. We also learned that they offer up to sizes 16+months now!! Although we are in the middle of weaning McKenzie off of her pacifier - we do still need it at night and occasionally throughout the day, so I'm glad to know that she still has a pacifier with a proper fit!

Below are a few of their new 16+ months designs. McKenzie loves her purple and pink butterfly print.

As you can tell, it's McKenzie's nap time - so the binky is in! :)

As we approach Valentine's Day, MAM has launched their "Tender, Love & Affection" assortment within their new 2014 collection. You can personalize a love message that will be displayed on their easy-hold button. The below images are an example of their adorable designs. You may start personalizing here!


To help give your little a kick start to Valentine's Day, MAM is offering One Fawn Over Baby Reader a $25 Package of Pacifiers (including their new Love & Affection Designs!) See Giveaway Details below for your your chance to win this lovely package that your baby will give you lots of Valentine Day kisses for!

Giveaway Details:

  • Fill our rafflecopter form below with extra entry options (You must leave a post comment to enter- all entries will be verified 😉 )
  • Winner will be chosen February 14th!
  • Be sure to share this exciting giveaway with family and friends
  • Good Luck!

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  1. Ah my nephew loves the MAM pacifiers, I would love to win some for him and my newborn baby girl

    Thank you for the giveaway

  2. I really like the MAM MAM Mini Cooler and the Bite and Relax Phase 2 teether

  3. I like the Mam night glow in the dark pacifiers

  4. My little girl and I will be doing a blog and giveaway of MAM too!! MAM lovers over here!!!! Check out our blog, mylamooreview.blogspot.com

  5. Wow nice options for inky lovin babes


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