DIY: Edible Paint Recipe For Baby

Hello Again Friends! I found the most exciting edible finger-paint recipe today and I couldn't wait until next week to share it! I usually take the weekends off from blogging, however this was too much fun not to pass along while your weekend is still young!

So I admit, I'm not the most fun parent when it comes to baby and paint. All I see is a big mess and me interrupting my daughter's beautiful painting technique as I constantly swat the paint brush out of her mouth. She's 18 months and still likes to put everything in her mouth, so McKenzie has never used a paint brush until this weekend.  I've seen several scenarios where you can offer your baby condiments or baby food to paint with, which are all great but I found a recipe that I happen to love from Fun At Home With Kids Blog! Mommy, Asia came up with the bright idea to mix yogurt and Kool-Aid! Yes, I know Genius! The best part is there is no sugar added, so you don't have to worry about your baby experiencing an overwhelming case of sugar rush!  The colors are so vibrant and the smell of each flavor just adds to the thrill! The taste may be a little tart for your little one (because there is no sugar), however this could be a little extra entertainment for you as you watch all those cringing faces take shape as your baby samples a color or two...or three. I have to say this was definitely a hit with McKenzie and I didn't have to worry about swatting the paintbrush out of her mouth and interrupting her "taste then brush" painting technique. 

So here is the wonderful, edible art worthy recipe and a few baby-in-a-diaper photos that I'm sure McKenzie will thank me for later!  :)

What You Will Need:
  • White Yogurt- I had some banana flavored baby yogurt on hand that I used
  • A variety of different colored Kool-Aid Packets - $.20 at Walmart
  • (Not Pictured) Separate small containers to mix each color in.
  • Optional: Paper Plate - For Your Painting Pallet (or you could just scoop dollups of each color straight onto the paper that baby will be painting on)
  • Optional: Paint Brush - You could just let baby use their fingers to paint, however I wanted Kenzie to become familiar with a paint brush, since she's never used one :/ 
Edible Finger Paint Recipe:
Mix Together Two Spoonfuls of yogurt & one packet of Kool-Aid 
That's It!

I took these photos after we already had our first trial art session. By this time she was over the paint sampling and wanted to strictly focus on her masterpiece at hand. So no paint covered lips or "cringed baby faces" captured here.

If, like me, you have a fear of baby+ paint combo, try this! It's a lot of fun and you will love seeing your baby's eyes light up with excitement at all the vibrant colors that he/she can actually taste!


  1. Cute idea! Unfortunately Odette is allergic to dairy :( Otherwise we would be trying that today!

    1. Oh no! Maybe try dairy free cool whip? That might even taste better ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, SO fun! Pinning this for sure!

    1. Thank you Christina!! You are always the sweetest!

  3. Ok love love this idea......colors are so vibrant!!


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