Our First At-Home Sibling Photos

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a few sibling photos that I couldn't wait to capture when I was pregnant. You know those sweet shots of Big Siblings laying side by side their baby brother or sister. Baby gazing adorably over at their big and vice versa. Nothing but sweet expressions and smiles. That's what I imagined anyway. Well our sibling photos didn't quite turn out as I imagined but I couldn't be more in love with how they came out. I couldn't get the "perfect" shot but what I did get was a genuine and real capture  of our first week home with our baby boy. I'm so proud of Kenzie and her enthusiasm and patience when it comes to her baby brother. When he begins to cry, she goes right into mommy-mode and I couldn't be more happy to have our healthy baby home adjusting wonderfully to his bright new world. I hope you enjoy these little dandy shots that are full of fun and frazzle that we will definitely cherishby for many years to come. :)

This is Kenzie's new photography pose- her "funny face". Every time the camera comes out, so does that little tongue. I'm picking and choosing my battles at this point. 

Big Sister & Baby Brother Tee: Designs By Manon on Etsy; Brother's Shorts: Tiny ExplorersCC on Etsy.

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  1. I know all about that face! I have done pictures for the same family the last two summer's and their oldest loves to show that tongue of hers. I think these are precious! :)


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