McKenzie's One Year Birthday Celebration By Misty Doyle Photography -Part Two (Cake Smash)

As I promised, here is McKenzie's One Year Birthday Celebration, Part Deaux - THE CAKE SMASH! Part One can be found here, and again, I can not say enough about our Gorgeous vintage Set-Up at Southern Jeweled and the beautiful capture by the talented, Misty Doyle Photography

Before McKenzie had her first taste of cake, she had to make a few phone calls to let everyone know what was about to go down. It was also a wonderful way for us to help her adjust to her new position on the beautiful blanket that Southern Jeweled provided. After she got comfortable with her new surroundings on the floor and her calls were made, her sweet little cake arrived! As she is with everything that is placed in front of her, McKenzie studied the delectable delight in front of her for a few minutes. She then lightly touched and poked, eventually scraping a tiny bit of icing off the top and gently placing it on her tongue. We were all waiting for her to take a nose dive straight through the center!! Nope, not my daughter, she took her time delicately digging and savoring each taste. I'm so glad that she doesn't take after me when it comes dessert time :/

McKenzie's cake tuned out to be so yummy,  a furry little friend decided to join in on the cake tasting too. Little Kitty had her belly laughing with excitement and it made for the sweetest photos. Needless to say, after the kitty nibbled a few bites, we decided that was a wrap and enjoyed watching Kenzie crawl around after her new found friend for the rest of the session.

And That's All Folks!! We couldn't be happier with this beautiful 1st birthday celebration. These photos will be so cherished for years to come! Our McKenzie was ONE happy birthday-girl! :)

Misty Doyle Photography
Southern Jeweled -Vintage Rentals and Event Planning
Kathy's Bakery
DIY by me ( here is my  how-to, I just used scrap fabric instead of tulle for these photos)
Linen Rosette Headband: (I wore this for one our wedding festivities)


  1. Oh my gosh she's so sweet! Her headband, her tutu, and her rolls! Precious. These photos are so sweet and she will cherish them when she's older!

    1. Thank you so much!! We will most certainly cherish these. I'm already a little teary eyed looking at these again today :)


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