DIY - No Sew Tutu

Who doesn't love seeing a precious little girl prancing around in a tutu. Tutu's are the epitome of everything girly and feminine. They are so loved that they have made their way from the ballet studio to everyday wear among our little fashionistas. From photo sessions to  play dates, tutus can be worn for any occasion.
Today, I'm going to share an easy tutorial on how to assemble a no-sew tutu using a pre-cut bundled package of tulle, a ribbon and scissors-THAT'S IT!  I hope this tutorial comes across as easy as it was to make! Enjoy and feel free to pass it along!


(a) Bundle of Tulle - I purchased two 108" by 108" at Walmart. similar
(b) Ribbon - I used ribbon from my baby shower gifts.
(c) Scissors - From Office Drawer :)

  1. Measure your ribbon by tieing around your daughter's waist and marking or by measuring her waist and cut ribbon to size. Be sure to leave a little extra for tieing
  2. Lay one sheet of tulle out flat 
  3. Vertically fold in-half 
  4. From the bottom, up - Begin folding and flattening. This will become your preferred size strips (I chose 2-3in wide)
  5. Once folded, cut vertically along one side of your  fold.
  6. Then cut vertically along the opposite side of your fold. (this will create several strips at once)
  7. Begin slip knotting your tulle strips around your ribbon - pull tight creating a secure knot
  8. Continue tieing your knots from one end of your ribbon to the other, pushing your completed knots close together.
  9. Depending on how poofy you would like your tutu will determine the amount of strips to add. The more strips you add, the bigger and poofier it gets. I used two packages of bundled tulle. You can always add or take away your tulle strips - that's what makes this method so awesome!
  10. Lastly - trim bottom to preferred length :)



  1. this is great! I have a soon-to-arrive-niece and I am so excited to try this!!

    1. Thank you Elle! It is seriously so easy and such an adorable gift for niece :)

  2. Made one of these for my niece - so fun and so cute!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I will be using this for my daughter's bday!

    1. Awwww yey!! I hope you'll post your little precious wearing it on "A Momma in Training"! I would love to see her in her tutu! :)

  4. What a great idea! My two little girls are going to be ballerinas for Halloween and I knew there must be an easy way to make these, I really didn't want to have to buy them! Thanks for sharing :)

    Stopping by from Work it Wednesday, Dawn from http://www.ithinkwecouldbefriends.com

    1. Thank you for stopping by Dawn!! Yes these are soooooo easy to make. I can't believe I didn't attempt to make this sooner?! I can't wait to see your littles in theirs!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ashley! It is adorable so easy to make ;)

  6. So adorable!!!



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