DIY: Baby Halloween Costume - "Cloud 9"

Happy Halloween Month Everyone! I can not believe it is already October. This is an extra special month for our family, as it marks my baby girl's first year! On October 25, our little McKenzie will turn ONE! I swear it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital for the first time. My, how time flies when you are having fun! This October is going to be a fun month for sure. Not only do I have a first birthday celebration to plan, I have come up with a Halloween costume that will fit an 11 month old!

There are so many adorable baby Halloween costumes out there that are perfect for our little ones! However, why not indulge your creative side and make one from scratch? I know what you're thinking, who has the time? Well thanks to Parenting Magazine for advertising this adorable "Cloud 9" costume for babies, I decided to create a How-To make a "Cloud Nine" costume for your little. By using a few pieces you probably already have in her closet paired with this quick and easy DIY tutorial, your baby will be sitting on cloud nine in a flash! I am going to break it up into two sections, so bare with me. I promise, it's so easy though! 

STEP ONE: "Cloud" Skirt
Items Needed:
(a) TuTu - see my EASY No -Sew TuTu Tutorial 
(b) Spray adhesive - Walmart
(c) Batting - Walmart

  1. Hang your tutu or lay on flat surface (outside)
  2. Peel a thin layer of batting from package and spray down with adhesive. (You might want to use gloves, as it does get sticky)
  3. Spray TuTu with adhesive also then press and hold batting on entire outside of TuTu.
  4. Layer as needed. I added two layers making it extra fluffy :)
  5. Once Batting is added - Apply one good coat of adhesive over entire tutu, then let dry.

STEP TWO: #9 Headband
Items Needed:
(a) Glue Gun
(b) White headband
(c) Glitter Cardstock - Walmart - online similar
(d) Pipe cleaner - Walmart-online similar
(e) # 9 Stencil - Ruffled Blog PDF
  1. Print and cut out your # 9 template.
  2. Trace your # 9 onto the back of your glitter cardstock (remember to face right side down)
  3. Cut out your traced # 9
  4. Shape and hot glue a pipe cleaner on the back of your # 9  (I chose a white pipe cleaner). 
  5. Wrap and twist the stem of your pipe cleaner (with # 9 attached) around the top portion of your headband.
  6. Viola - Your # 9 headband is complete!

Last But Not Least: Dress your little in a white onesie and white tights before adding on costume.

Your "Cloud 9" Baby Costume is Now Complete!

**Note: This costume is good for a photo session or a quick trick-or-treat outing. Batting may become loose as baby/child crawls or walks around for a good amount of time.**



    1. Thank you so much Joleen!! This one was fun to make and Kenzie couldn't get over her cloud skirt! :)

  2. how cute and creative!! Love this idea :)

    1. Thank you Caroline!! It's such a cute costume, an adult could adopt the idea for a Halloween party!

  3. Oh my word!! The cutest thing ever! Totally pinning ;)
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

    1. Oh WOW! Thank you so much Jamie, you made my day! I'm excited to link it up to "Bring Me The Goods" Link Party on Monday! :)


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