Guest Post By Karli From Farmer and The Bell: Little Kaye Turned One!

Good Morning Fawn Fans! After a bitter sweet weekend away celebrating McKenzie turning one, we are back home at Mimi's house getting settled in. We had such a wonderful time while visiting daddy and can't wait to share photos from our little one year old's mini birthday festivity. In the meantime, Karli, an awesome mommy blogger from Farmer and The Bell, is here to share her sweet little Kaye's ADORABLE 1st year family photo session and cake smash. This gorgeous family was wonderfully captured by the talented Two Bird's Studio on a luminous day in Boise, Idaho. Here is Karli to give you all the delightful details!


Well folks. They did it again...and it was the best sesh to date.

The husband/wife team of two bird studio snapped some goodies of my very best gal to capture her one year old self and as i look at the pictures over and over and over aaaaand over...I crack up every time.
Her personality was captured to a "t" and I couldn't be more pleased.
Oh my turtle. i'm so in love with this gal...and to have beautiful pictures to share of her just makes me all the happier.

Just look at her...

How is it even possible that little old me was gifted this perfection.
She's gonna be a star, folks. a star.
A mother's pride. dangerous stuff.
...but back to two bird studio.
Are they not oh so talented?
I'll answer for you. yes. Yes they are.
My gal is lightening fast on her feet so we plopped her in a big valley of tall grasses and that did a great job of slowing her down...just enough to snap away without being blurry. she's quick.

She's also quite focused.

Chica is a professional. It's like the cameras weren't even there. such a natural.
Our farmer and i even managed to sneak into a few shots. The walls in our house are still bare and I have big plans for some canvas family prints.

Is anyone a whiz with photo-shopping braces out of pictures? shoot me an e-mail.

...and i'm SO happy they snapped this goodie.
My farmer throws kaye in the air on the daily.
She's typically terrified...valid.

We borrowed this sweet teepee from our farmer neighbor (Amy) and i'm thrilled we did. there are so many cute shots of Kaye peaking through the window, biting the window, walking in and out of the door...the perfect prop for our gal.

I've NEVER never seen her make this face. 
A one year original. Just for you guys. 

We finished up with a glorious cake smash.
It was girlfriends first time really eating sugar sugar. like...the good stuff.
She was pretty into it at the start...
 ...and then...

it's safe to say this was the last picture. 
girlfriend was over it...and cold.
Thank you so so...so so much to two bird studio. you two are always so fun to hang out with...next time lets get a post-sesh beverage...mmmk?

two bird studio


  1. Lol, the last picture caption made me laugh!
    But as always I loved these pictures, and it's so cute to see both of you guys with her, thanks for sharing <3

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  2. yay! thanks for sharing us on your blog! :)


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