A Love Letter To My One Year Old Daughter- Happy Birthday McKenzie!

Well the day is finally here :( My baby girl is no longer an infant, she is now considered a "Toddler" or in some cases, a "Pre-Toddler". I never would've thought that I would be struggling with this wonderful milestone, especially since I have been planning her 1st birthday since we found out we were having a girl (or maybe even before I became pregnant, he he). Today, I received my weekly "baby-development" message from The Bump.com saying, "It is perfectly normal for parents to feel a mixture of pride at seeing how far you've come and sadness at how quickly your little one has gone from baby to toddler." I'm so glad that I still subscribe to these updates. It's messages like this one, that ease my worry that maybe I haven't gone completely mad, lol.

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Today I've decided to follow in the footsteps of many wonderful fellow mommy bloggers and write a little love letter to McKenzie on her special day...

Dear My Little Love ,

From the moment we found out that you would soon be joining our quiet little life in Anchorage, Alaska, we were overwhelmed with panicked excitement!!. I expressed my merriment by obsessively "pinning" your nursery designs and 1st birthday party inspirations on Pinterest, while daddy expressed his by obsessing over finances and selling off all of his outdoorsy accouterments - you know, so we could afford to pay those pesky tuition fees your future college would be billing us for the second they found out you were born. (sarcasm). Needless to say, it was our goal to make sure that a warm and welcoming home would be ready and waiting for your big arrival.

When that day came, me, daddy and "mimi" were there to fill your world with overwhelming tender, love and care. Even though those late night wake up calls and feeding stuggles caused us to go through quite an adjustment period, after about three months, we eventually were able to establish a consistent sleeping schedule and feeding method that worked wonderfully for us. Soon after, you graced us with your beautiful smiles and giggles that we still can't get enough of. Every day, we find ourselves just watching you and all of the exciting developments that unfold right before our very eyes. 

All About You:
I Love how your strength and observant nature was very apparent from day one. The day we brought you home, you lifted your little head up over daddy's shoulder to see what was going on and who was in the room. We began calling you "Nosey Parker". I Love how you were extremely curious and eager to dissect everything that was in reach. You still get into "the zone", as we call it, when we provide you with a new toy or kid-friendly household object to play with. You will analyze every square inch of it with the most serious and intense expression on your face. ( you are so your daddy's little girl) 

I Love it when you are greeted with a new face,you are quick to take a moment and give them the stair down, as if you were sizing them up. It's quite funny to watch, however, probably not so funny for the people that you choose not to give smiles to. 

I Love that you tend to be sensitive to unexpected loud noises, yet you love the loud word "BOO!", while playing hide and seek with anyone who is willing.

I Love it when you giggle and laugh at our doggy Nahla when she gives you kisses or sniffs your face. You love climbing all over her and you occasionally use her as a seat. She loves you so much, she just lays there without a care in the world.

I Love that you LOVE to read your books. You turn each page as if your on a mission to find out what happens next. You are quick to find the printed passage and "babble'" away as if you are reading every word. Your favorite books these days are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and anything by Karen Katz.

I Love the fact that though you like to have those quiet/still moments, you are a bulldozer in your little walker. As soon as we slide your little legs through the openings of the seat, you're OFF, bumping into any piece of furniture or toes that stand in your path. We've learned to stay out of your way, as our toes have taken quite the beating lately.

I Love how you take one more step than you did the day prior and I know those few steps will soon turn into full on walking. I will probably shed a little happy tear on that day too.

I especially Love how you can say "mamamama" and "daaah-dah!".  Mimi and her childhood friend, Dana, also taught you how to say "purrrrty" in their good ole' southern drawl. So from time to time, you will say those words and my heart just melts.

Every Night I thank GOD for choosing me to be your mommy. I  feel so extremely blessed to be married to your wonderful daddy and now have you here to enrich our lives even more. I can't wait to watch you grow into the Godly woman, wife and mother, I pray you'll become. 

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet girl! I love you with all my heart and all my soul!



  1. So precious. I love one year letters. I cried the whole way through writing my own. Your daughter is beautiful and so lucky to have such a wonderful mama. -Andrea

    1. Thank you Andrea!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that shed a few (or more) tears while writing a 1st birthday love letter :) You are so sweet and I so appreciate your kind words :) Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Happy Birthday McKenzie and congrats to you Mama for surviving the first year :) My little Miss also just turned one! Love your pictures of her in the chair <3

    1. Thank you Darcy!! Doesn't the time just fly by?? I mean at first it seemed as though the adjustment period took forever and then soon after, when we finally had everything figured out, she is turning one! Happy 1st and big hugs to your little missy as well! :)

  3. I can't believe she's already one! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl xoxo

  4. What a sweet little blog! Happy birthday to this little sweet girl!


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