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First and foremost, I can not have a photography category without featuring our friend and life-photographer (well...as long as we live in Alaska), Mitch Kitter. He is the owner of PropagandaAK Photography. I wish we could strike it rich and fly him to all of the future locations the military decides to send us. Mitch has won countless awards and has been published in magazines and newspapers. He is not your average photographer. He specializes in editorial photography, allowing his photos to tell a story not just display an image. I can't say enough about him!  All I know is if I ever need direction as far as location or what to wear for a photo session, I just ask myself "W.W.M.K.D?"(sorry a little inside joke I couldn't resist) 

Here are a few photos from our baby McKenzie's newborn photo session: 
Our Little Family

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