DIY: Baby Accessories In A Snap: No-sew Infinity Scarf & Headband

Now that I'm a mom, wearing necklaces are a thing of the past unless I am wearing a teething necklace.  Even though I have spotted a few styles that are very fashion friendly, sometimes I just want to wear a cozy and comfortable piece. If you are not in the mood to wear a statement necklace or a teething toy for your baby, infinity scarves are the perfect replacement.  They are such a hot trend right now and I've noticed more and more babies(boys and girls) wearing them. Seeing babies in them has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Of course I found one for McKenzie on Etsy that is still hanging out in my "shopping cart".  I don't know how this happened but somehow my brain went to a place it's never gone before. As I was crafting another headband for Kenzie out of the hem of an old camisole, I noticed something. If trimmed and twisted just right, the mid-section would make the perfect mini infinity scarf!! I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, however, I'm so thrilled that my brain came up with a creative idea all on it's very own! Who knew your old camisoles could turn into an array of boho chic accessories for baby! Are you fawning yet?

Well here it goes...my FIRST self inspired diy creation!

No-sew Baby Infinity Scarf and Headband 

Step 1: Dig out an old camisole you don't intend to wear anymore
I took this photo after I thought of the idea. Just pretend it's all one piece :)

Step 2: Cut just below the bust line

Step 3: Cut off the front bottom hem
No need to cut all the way around for baby size

 Step 4: Roll the middle piece into a circle and wrap the cut-out hem around baby's head and tie.
Might want to trim the scarf a little more so it's not so bulky
You may also have to trim the headband to size 

Now Accessorize Your Boho Chic Baby!

{Note: Please do not leave your baby unattended with any jewelry or scarf like products and NEVER lay your baby down for a nap with accessories such as these.}


  1. Such a cute idea!!! I'd love for you to link up a few posts at my weekend link party@The Weekend re-Treat! on The Best Blog Recipes if you haven't already!

    Hope to see you there!


  2. So cute! :) I love how imperfect it looks! :D

    1. Thank you Ashley! Yes, I love it too. Some may prefer fine lines, however, I like shabby look of it.


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