Wear Again Easter Sunday Adornments

Easter Sunday is one of the few times a year that we get to dress up our baby to the nines. I mean, we pull out all the stops from little girl satin gloves and wide brimmed hats to little boy patent leather oxfords and suspenders. I'm from the south so we tend to go even more over the top.  While it is so much fun to frill up our baby for the holidays, thereafter, their adorable little outfits tend to stay in the closet until they are handed down or donated. Today, I'm going to take a little different approach and share these Etsy outfits that our baby girls and boys could actually wear again! They don't scream, "Look at me, I'm an Easter Outfit", yet they fit the occasion perfectly.

For your little lady:

Charming Shabby Chic Vanilla Cream Lace Onesie dress with a detachable flower pin
Sweet Chics Couture - $42.00

Fanciful Organic/Linen Cotton Butterfly Dress
The Babe Muse $35.00

Lovely Organic/Linen Cotton Coral Flower Dress
The Babe Muse $40.00

For the indulger: Tender Knitted Dress with Bonnet and Shoes
Tender Blue $110.00

Hand-Knitted Brimmed Easter Bonnet

Sweet silk, soft soled handmade shoes
 Bitsy Blossom $32.00

For your dapper little man: (Just add Pants)

Beige Chevron Easter Vest Onsie with Yellow bow tie

Corduroy Vest with Bow Tie Of Your Choice

Build Your Own Onesie Set

Tiny Gray Striped Baby Boy Shoes
Jolie Berry $24.95

Gray Houndstooth Newsboy Hat

Source: Etsy


  1. Thank you so much Melissa. Your blog is lovely!!

  2. oh, very cute! I especially like Tenderblue's dress and The Babe Muse one. :)

  3. Thank you Susana! I am so happy you're pleased :)

  4. Thank you Dori! They are both so adorable!! I'm so happy they caught your eye! :)


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