DIY: Twine-Wrapped Initials

So I know we've all seen the adorable wooden letters wrapped in burlap, yarn & twine. I am just like everyone else, I found a tutorial on Pinterest and couldn't wait to get started. For some reason or another, I couldn't make it to my local craft store to purchase all the necessities. I was also pregnant at the time and I couldn't wait another day to make my daughter's initials to mark her space in her duel purpose nursery.  Did I mention I was pregnant? Patience was not my strong suit in those days, so I searched around the house to find what I could to get this project up and running. I found twine left over from our wedding, a cardboard box in the garage and I printed off a big letter "M" and a big letter "H" from our computer.  One thing lead to another and I finally had my daughter's initials twine-wrapped and tastefully hung.  I like to call this my "budget-consious d.i.y". I hope you find it easy and inspiring, especially for those days you just can't leave the house or more importantly don't want to ;)

Materials Needed:
1. A piece of a cardboard box cut to size of your individual letters
2. Twine, yarn or ribbon (which ever you perfer)
3. Scissors
4. Pencil (dark enough to see on box cut out)
5. Hot glue gun or a strong glue substitute
6. Print out of your individual letters (I used Word/Cambria Font/650 size) - you may need to play with your ruler settings to keep from cutting off your letter
***Instructions are in captions***

Start by cutting out your letters
Trace your letters on to cardboard cut-out
Cut both of the letter traced cardboard cut-outs
If you would like a hanger, punch a hole at the top of the left and right section of your letter and tie your hanger.
 If not, you may glue your hanger to the back when completed. Since they are not that heavy,  glue should be strong enough.
Glue a dot on the back of the letter and press the end of the twine down until dried
Then wrap around front
Then wrap around back - continue until this section is completely wrapped.
As you wrap, glue dot along the way and wrap twine pretty snug up against each other preventing gaps
Once wrapped, glue the end down and tuck in between layers
Make sure to cut off your twine with the end finishing on the back of your letter. 
The front should be pretty clean
(I wouldn't worry about the back if it's strictly for decorative purposes, no one will see it)
Repeat steps for all of the vertical sides of letter (this adds a better finish in the end)
Start at the top of one side and begin to wrap down horizontally until you get to a split in the letter
Once you hit the split continue to wrap down the outside section of the letter first. 
To finish the remaining sides, start at the top and wrap your way down
When you hit the bottom just continue to wrap horizontally then glue loose pieces closed.
If you find a few loose strands, just pinch them together to hide the gap then glue
I added a few little flowers (left over from wedding accouterment) to dress them up a bit :)

You now have your adorable twine-wrapped initials to beautifully adorn your space :)


  1. Gorgeous!! I love how they turned out, thanks for linking at Printabelle!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! :) I Love your ShareAtopia Website!!

  2. These are just so cute and adorable in the nursery! Love them! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday! Love having you party with us!! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Thank you Jenna! I Love Rain On A Tin Roof!! You have so many DIY goodies!! :)


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